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ROCKLAHOMA side stage poll


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Again... who would you pick to see...? Seems as each day gets harder.

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The Glitter Boys - don't know either of these bands but I assume these guys are glam and the other sound prog. So I'll see these guys.


Harlot - is this the female fronted Harlot from 1990? I'd see these guys 'cause I know the name.


Frontrunner - easy choice.


Bai Bang - honestly mate, if I were going and found out that Wildstreet and Bai Bang were playing at the same time I'd be seriously pissed off. But if I had to make a choice I'd go for Bai Bang... but be really pissed off about missing Wildstreet. :)


Dirty Penny - easy choice. Would LOVE to see these guys.


Bang Tango - who the hell are those other guys? I don't love BT but I'd go with them 'cause I know them.


Big Cock - another really easy choice. :)

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Here is my plan for Day 2...


One - The Glitter Boys


Two - Harlot


Three - Frontrunner


Four - Wildstreet


Five - Dirty Penny (Not too sure... I may see Pair A Dice)


Six - Herman Rarebell (May be only chance ever to check him out)


Seven - Big Cock

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