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Hair Metal Mansion Interview with Steve DeLong of Sweet F.A.

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I am back once again to bring you another EXCLUSIVE Hair Metal Mansion interview!

I recently had the honor of talking with Sweet F.A. frontman, Steve DeLong and he agreed to an interview. Sweet F.A. released their debut album, "Stick To Your Guns", in 1990 and it reached #161 on the Billboard Album Charts. It featured the single, "Rhythm of Action" and the video for it even got some airplay on MTV. Even though the album did have a fair amount of success, I've always thought that Sweet F.A. was one of the bands that should've been HUGE. "Stick To Your Guns" is one of the most underrated albums of the era and a must listen for anyone on this site!


Sweet F.A. reunited back in 2007 and have been playing shows ever since. So without further delay, I am proud to present to you, my interview with Sweet F.A. vocalist, Steve DeLong;



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Sweet F.A. should of been huge and Steve Delong was a great frontman IMO.

They were kind of the midwests answer to GNR but it's to bad they got signed to late and where on a shit label.


I have to check this intereveiw out later but Steve was always one of my fav singers from the early 90's.

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Nice interview,and rare cause Steve doesn't seem to do too many.Great band!...met him and a couple of the other guys after that reunion show back in '07.Was all original members and they just tore the roof off the joint.He's been doing shows around Indy with that new line-up-haven't seen 'em yet.Axl Rose and Izzy actually grew up like an hour down the road from Steve and James...Sweet F.A. should've been every bit as big as GnR..shame.

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