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Adam Sandler


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Who here's heard Sandlers classic debut cd, Their All Gonna Laugh At You? including the funniest song ever done(even funnier then Steel Panther)? the classic song At A Medium Pace? LOL! if you've somehow never heard this song, and you want to laugh your balls off, and your not offended by good hardcore filth, then you may want to check out the song, I thought much of the album was hilarious, much like most debut comedy albums are.

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Great album! (As, I thought, the follow up, What The Hell Happened To Me? was.)


He's got quite a bit of raunchy goodness packed in both of those albums! (Good call!)

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What The Hell Happened To Me, has one of the funniest skits ever done, Sex Or Weightlifting! ha ha ha ha!!! I'm listening to it right now, its genius.

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