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Some of you are probably familiar with Metal Disc, they are still around, before the internet, they would do a yearly catalog, my friend from Germany that I discussed in another thread, he first exposed me to Metal Disc, that catalog was more sacred then the Sears catalog was to people in the 1920's, it had bands I could only imagine how they sounded, I took it to every day of Jr, High all 3 years, looking at bands that I had never heard of, nor could hear of, it was the most bittersweet time of my life, I was reading releases of hundreds of bands that I had no way of actually hearing, and Metal Disc would label them, strictly into genres, Thrash, Speed, Melodic Hard Rock, Punk+Hardcore Crossover, im still finishing up listining to many of these bands, I asked you guys along time ago in a thread to tell me if you'd ever heard some of the bands, and at least one of you had heard at least one of the bands, so it boiled down to I got an answer on every band I posted, ive come to an incredible dead end, it's really the first time this has happened, ive managed to come acrossed an album that doesnt exist, and I was hoping one of you older guys, might have at least heard of this album, the bands called Dangerous Friends - S\T, and the description outside of it says, (Pounding, heavy traditional Heavy Metal in the vein of Saxon)that's a pretty thorough description, and a eye turning one(at least for me) but never have I crossed anybody since this catalog was released(89/90) that knows anything about this album, it was released on LP and Cassette, this was when CD's were barely coming onto the scene, so I don't know if it was ever on disc, but If at least one of you doesnt know anything about this band, maybe I'll be stupid to not think it was a type-O.

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Yeah, but they made up for it at least by having the most detailed, stacked catalog in the world!!! I mean even though you couldn't get it, at least you knew it was out! I mean they literally had to have gone into every nook & cranney in the world to find out about some of that shit, I mean there was aa band in there named Chime, and the only time I ever came acrossed anything to do with it was when a certain HH member snaked the one I was going to order, but it was cool he hooked me up with Mp3s, and I was glad I wasn't the one who spent $70 on it!

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0h my fucking god! I actually accidently found info, at least about this release, it was released by, MSQ, which was one of many sub-labels to the Iron Works Label, it was pressed on picture discs, at a disgustingly small number of pressings, how ironic!

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