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Gigs you went to see?

Nick C

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Tredegar - The Target Club, somewhere in London. Back in the 80's I just went along for a few beers and the band were amazing.


Cheap Trick - Manchester Apollo - Supported Motley Crue on some tour or another and I was only going to see Crue really - only had Budokan by CT and thought it was okay (CT were promoting SoTE) and they completely and utterly wiped the stage with the headliners. From that point onwards I was a Tricky fan!


Sammy Hagar / Def Leppard - Manchester Free Trade Hall - If I remember rightly Sammy was promoting the Street Machine album and I only went because my mate had no-one to go with but he (Sammy H) was completely fantastic, but his support band was Def Leppard - who were mind blowing...so much so I went out and bought the Ride into the Sun E.P. on Bludgeon Riffola the very next day.

Amazing gig all round and the streets resounded to loads of Brits singing "We beat the Yanks again!" :lol: no offence U.S. folks !


Bon Jovi - It pains me to write this because I truly depise the band, him and the music BUT my gf at the time took me to see him and I have to hold my hands up and say they put on a fantastic show. I saw them another once or twice since and they weren't as good though.

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Probably The Eagles in 2001.


I`ve always really liked them but never considered going to see them live, my brother bought 2 tickets and gave me one.


Turned out to be the best concert I`ve ever been to!


Their playing was so professional, the guitar was absolutely note for note perfection, my brother and I kept looking at each other in disbelief at how good they were.


Superb band and performance :tumbsup:

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