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Nascar fans out there ?


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Any Nascar fans out ther !!! I am a die hard metel head and Nascar fan but man was I disappinted this past weekend in Daytona what a joke the race was called because of rain suppose to be the super bowl of motorsports and rain called it .. That was by far the biggest joke I have ever seen . I am glad I saw it on tv and did not have to sit and pay big bucks for a seat ..... looks like another bad year for Nascar ! if they do not figure out when to start these races it will happen many more times. the starting time was past 2:30PM , two and a hlf hrs of pre race could have sstarted at 12PM instead what ever very disappointed.. Any thoughts on this ?????????

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I guess it doesn't help that I can't stand Kennseth... But for the Daytona race to be rained out is insane. They need to figure out a way for this not to happen. I'm not even sure why they can't run this race on Saturday...It would be easy to do considering it is the first race of the year. Then it could be finnished on Sunday if need be. I understand that this wouldn't be possible every other week... but this is NASCARs big day.


I can't stand to see any race shortened. Come on...the half way point makes a race "official". I know in some cases completing a race is near impossible do to weather. But I think the best thing they could do would to be give less points for winning a rain shorted event. If you don't run the whole race you shouldn't be awarded the full amount of points. This being said... Daytona needs to be 500 miles.

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