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R.I.P. Corey James(former Lizzy Borden guitarist)


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Got word of this earlier today.



From blabbermouth

Former LIZZY BORDEN Guitarist Killed In Car Crash - Jan. 26, 2009


Former LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Corey Daum (a.k.a. Corey James) was killed in a car crash on Saturday morning (January 24) in Nashville, Tennessee. He was 39 years old. According to The Tennessean, a Kentucky man has been charged with vehicular homicide after police said he drove into a concrete wall, killing Daum.


Daum died at the scene of the accident on an Interstate 40 on-ramp on George L. Davis Boulevard. According to police, the car was driven by Charles Wolford of Owensboro, Ky., who admitted at the scene that he had been drinking.


The Ford Explorer driven by Wolford crossed three lanes to get to the interstate on-ramp before striking a concrete wall about 12:30 a.m., witnesses told police.


Wolford is also charged with vehicular assault for the injuries of another passenger, Ravin Wells, 27, of Goodlettsville, who is in stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


Wolford was not seriously injured, police said. None of the passengers were wearing seatbelts.


Daum was a member of LIZZY BORDEN from 1989 to 1996, although he apparently didn't appear on any of the band's studio albums.


Another former LIZZY BORDEN guitarist, Alex Nelson, was killed in a head-on collision on May 17, 2004.



From Lizzy

Monday, January 26, 2009


Our Brother and former guitarist Corey James (Daum) passed away Saturday morning in Nashville Tennessee from an auto accident.

Corey was a Lizzy Borden guitarist from 1989 to 1995; he appeared in 2 Lizzy Borden video’s ‘We got the power’ and ‘Love is a crime’ as well as on the Master of Disguise tour;


We were looking for a second guitarist to play along side Alex Nelson and We had a cattle call of guitarist come down to audition. As soon as Corey walked in the room I had high hopes for him. He was a tall, bone skinny kid with long blonde hair and a giant Colgate smile. He started playing and singing away with no fear and gave it all he had, I liked him immediately and so did everyone else. After he was done I told him that we would get back to him after we finished the day, but in my mind I already knew that he was the guy. I called him later that night and asked him if he wanted to see the world and live in a tour bus for a couple of years, he was ecstatic and I could tell even over the phone that that smile would not leave his face while he slept that night…


Corey was an innocent young kid who came to Hollywood to fulfill his dreams of becoming a world famous rock guitarist. He found himself in an apartment complex on Yucca Street in a seedy part of Hollywood. The complex was filled with musicians from every other state and it was kind of the first place you had to live if you had the guts enough to come to Hollywood to pursue your dreams, a far cry from the small town in Pennsylvania that he came from. Inside of a week he knew everyone in this giant apartment complex and introduced everyone to everyone else. Corey was a guy that could get people together; everybody wanted to be where he was. He made a seedy apartment in Hollywood the place to be for all young soon to be rock stars and the girls that wanted to be with them. I even risked parking my jag on that famous street just to come to one of his ‘”we’re in this thing together parties”, that’s the power of persuasion that Corey had.


We toured quite a lot over the few years we were playing together, we saw a good part of the world and had the time of our lives night after night, to say he was a big part of that would be the ultimate understatement. Corey was the clue that held us all together and the one that we would send in to be the ambassador to break the ice when we were with strangers, and he always did.


Corey moved to Nashville after the touring ended and we all lost touch for a few years. But when we were looking for a new guitarist for our latest tour I tracked him down and tried to get him to come back on the road with us, but he had a new family and it just would have been too much to make it all workout. I said my goodbyes to him and that we would see him when the tour came through Nashville, That was the last time I spoke to him because the tour never came through Nashville. but I I’m grateful that I at least had those last phone conversations with Corey; he was the nicest guy you could ever meet and the best friend you could want. You were privileged if you had the chance to know him. He was a great talent, an extraordinary guitarist and an amazing singer and performer.


After losing Alex nelson in 04’ to an auto accident this is again extremely hard to take and we are all crushed by this news as I know his family and everyone that ever met him is right now. We send out our sincere condolences to his family and we will never forget Corey James, he will always be one of us forever…Lizzy Borden

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Well, that sucks...R.I.P.


Another former LIZZY BORDEN guitarist, Alex Nelson, was killed in a head-on collision on May 17, 2004.


That's pretty flippin' eerie. Is playing guitar for Lizzy Borden a death curse or something?

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