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Coheed And Cambria


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i like the vocals, when i first heard this back when it came out (2005 i believe) i thought it sounded not unlike Faith No More


unfortunately, this is the only song that sounded like FNM to me, i never got into C&Cs other stuff

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I like them as well. I think they are different but I agree, the majority of their stuff is way out there. Not my cup of tea but I do love this song. :beerbang:

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Never really gave this band a go because everything about them always seemed so pompous, but I found their 'No world for tomorrow' CD over the weekend for $5 and I have to say, musically it sounds pretty awesome. Vocals are unique and there is still something pretty tossy about these guys... but some pretty good tunes too. Not good hooks on all songs, but there's some good stuff on here so far. I like this song a lot:


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