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Oh yea, I'm stoked. The samples of the new stuff sound pretty killer. :banger:




HELSTAR: New Album Preview Available - Aug. 22, 2008

Texas metal legends HELSTAR have posted a three-song preview -- "Pain Will Be Thy Name", "When Empires Fall", and "Wicked Disposition" -- from their new CD, "The King of Hell", in the "Media" section of their official web site, http://www.helstar.com.


"The King of Hell" will be released in Europe on September 26, 2008 on AFM Records. The U.S. release will follow around three months later.


"The King of Hell" track listing:


01. The King of Hell

02. The Plague Called Man

03. Tormentor

04. When Empires Fall

05. Wicked Disposition

06. Caress of the Dead

07. Pain Will Be Thy Name

08. In My Darkness

09. The Garden of Temptation


HELSTAR will take part in the "Death To X-Mas Fest 2008" tour in December alongside SAMAEL, DISMEMBER, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, ONSLAUGHT, HEATHEN, MONSTROSITY and HATCHET.


HELSTAR held an exclusive "The King of Hell" listening party for select south Texas fans on August 2 in Houston at the Jet Lounge. The band played the CD in its entirety and also rewarded attending fans with a variety of autographed memorabilia, including a distribution of the entire lyrics and credits for "The King of Hell".

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Add another one to my cd want list. :headbanger::banger:


One complaint though, why the heck do these labels have the US release 3 months after the Euro release?

I'll just order the AFM version on line when it comes out. It's not like I have a store around here that's gonna carry it when it comes out in the US anyway.

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From Melodicrock.com:



The guys from Helstar have their new CD completed! The title of the new record will be The King Of Hell and the album is scheduled for September, 26, 2008. The limited first edition will include 3 Bonus tracks in addition to the regular album tracklist. Furthermore, there will be a 2 CD set of Helstar available. This CD set will include the new album "King Of Hell" as well as the album "Sins Of The Past".

Here is the track listing for the new CD: 1. The King of Hell 2. The Plague Called Man 3. Tormentor 4. When Empires Fall 5. Wicked Disposition 6. Caress of the Dead 7. Pain Will Be Thy Name 8. In My Darkness 9. The Garden of Temptation.

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This review is from Livingformetal.com, which is a great Metal site:



Bow Down... To The King Of Hell. The classic line up of Helstar returns with The King Of Hell their first new album in over 20 years. The King Of Hell is hands down the darkest and heaviest release of Helstar's career.


Last year the classic line up of James Rivera - Vocals, Larry Barragan- Guitars, Rob Trevino- Guitars, Jerry Abarca- Bass and Russell DeLeon- Drums released the excellent Sins Of The Past, a collection of newly recorded versions of the some classic Helstar songs along with two new songs, Tormentor and Caress Of The Dead both which are newly recorded and added to The King Of Hell which is set to be released this September on AFM Records.


I have followed the career of Helstar since the Burning Star days and the fact that in 2008 over 20 years later they are about to release The King Of Hell, their strongest recording to date is a testament to the band and their determination ... Helstar are still burning strong!


Last year I was excited that Helstar was again back and re-recording some classics and giving them a modern sound and production with the killer Sins Of The Past, the two new songs(Tormentor,Caress Of The Dead) were very heavy and strong and gave us a hint of things to come...


However, never in my wildest dreams did I except to hear what I heard when I first listened to The King Of Hell. The first thing I noticed, besides the evil and eerie intro to the title song was the amazingly crisp and loud production and mix on The King Of Hell. Produced by Barragan, Trevino, Rivera and Craig Douglas who also engineered the album. It is obvious that The King Of Hell was made with lots of blood, sweat and Metal... A true labor of love.


The King Of Hell is easily the best produced album of Helstar's career ,as well as their deadliest...or should I say Helish! The cover art alone gives you a peak of the dark things to come. The King Of Hell on his throne in the fiery pits of hell.


Before I get into the track by track, I must say that Barragan and Trevino simply shred all over this album, their strongest guitar work to date. Abarca and DeLeon really add to the thunderous rhythm section and are the secret ingredient. Last but not least lead vocalist Rivera, what can be said about him that hasn't already been said? His vocals are stronger than ever and he seems to get better with age like a fine wine. Killer performances by the entire band..horns high!


Anyway, prepare to Bow Down to The King Of Hell



..:: Track By Track ::..

The title track The King Of Hell starts things off very dark and eerie with the almost sinister Diary Of A Madman haunting type intro. The female vocals really add to the dark intro as it builds and the loud Guitars and Drums finally kick in and the beast is let loose. Some chugging Barragan riffs left, Some chugging Trevino riffs right and the high pitched scream of Rivera...Helstar are back! The King Of Hell is probably their strongest song to date and features excellent lead trade offs and several tempo changes as well as a amazing bass shred by Abarca before the killer chorus "Bow Down To The King Of Hell" a perfect album opener as well as concert opener...excellent!


Next up is The Plague Called Man another heavy number that has that distinct Helstar sound of the double bass drums and harmony guitars and the soaring vocals of Rivera. The very catchy chorus "The Plague Called Man, Ruler of barren horizons and vast empty lands" The trade off guitar solos of Barragan and Trevino on this song are probably my favorite. Trevino starts off with some tasty lead work ending with some old school tapping, Where as Barragan includes some killer arpeggios to end his. another winner here.


Tormentor is next and is newly recorded and fits in well within the song sequence. A dark and angry song about the crucifixtion and the torment of each sin we commit and how it deeper burns and scars the flesh of Jesus...a twisted song lyrically penned by Barragan and another killer track.


The catchy When Empires Fall starts off with some excellent drumming from Deleon and some creative scale type riffs from Barragan and Trevino. The vocals from Rivera sound amazing on this track, especially the use of harmonies. Again another catchy chorus "When Empires Fall, We'll see them fall, Awaiting Death's call" This is a 100% Helstar ... the classic vocals and guitar riffs, it's all here. I must mention I loved the Rivera vocal line after the last chorus when the guitars kick back in "This is the end" killer song.


Next up is the heavy Wicked Dispositon. A mid tempo chugger that features some heavy guitars and drums, this one pounds along and features several tempo changes as well. "Wicked Disposition, Lost of all faith and hope for his soul" Another killer solo from Barragan and killer "Wicked" screams from Rivera. another winner here.


Caress Of The Dead is up next and of course is newly recorded for this release. I loved this song on the Sins Of The Past and it sounds even better now. A sick twisted song penned from Rivera lyrically based on a true story of a doctor who saves a female corpse and winds up using it for his demented, perverted lust. Read between the lines of the lyrics and you will understand more. sick song..I Love it.


What we have next is probably the fastest and heaviest song of Helstar's career, the excellent Pain Will Be Thy Name. This songs has it all, the high pitched vocals of Rivera, the tight down picking from Barragan and Trevino and the spot on drums and bass from Deleon and Abarca. This is deadly heavy and fast as well, but controlled and totally on point. "Focus on the twisting, turning -Focus on the breaking, burning- Self inflicted ways of bleeding- Pain addicted, always needing" This song will almost leave you out of breath just from listening to it...a killer song that surprised me due to the speed and heaviness of it,yet it still sounds like Helstar. an amazing song!


Things slow down just a bit with In My Darkness which features an acoustic intro accompanied by Rivera's vocals . A song that builds and features excellent drum work from DeLeon. A dark song lyrically that rolls along with several time changes and leads perfectly into the final track.


Last we have The Garden Of Temptation complete with it's eerie intro and flamenco guitar scales before the heavy riffs of Barragan and Trevino kick in. This song starts off mid temp then the pedal hits the floor as Rivera sings "I see you wince in agony" Excellent hamony scales from Barragan and Trevino during the chorus that sound amazing. " I know your heart's desire's, To bathe in heavenly fires, To be the king of all kings, To have knowledge of all things" The Garden Of Temptation features excellent intricate guitar and drumming throughout and the song itself really has an epic feel to it and closes out The King Of Hell in excellent fashion, just as it opened. Horns High \m/








There are times when I listen to a new cd and my eyes light up and a devilish grin appears on my face, this was one of those times.


I have been a Helstar fan since the beginning and The King Of Hell floored me. I knew it would be good after hearing last years Sins Of The Past but I didn't think they would release what I consider their "Master Of Puppets" From production, sound and song standpoint the stars must have been perfectly aligned cause Helstar has never sounded stronger, and that is saying alot.


Credit must be given to the band for working their asses off and the time and dedication they put into this release. Some 20 years later after the classic Remnants Of War we still have that Metal band from Texas called Helstar standing tall and proud as they have recorded what I feel is their best album of their careers in The King Of Hell.


There is no doubt that The King Of Hell will make it into many top 10 cd's of 2008 lists around the Metal world, it is on top of my list right now. I only wish I didn't rate last years Sins Of The Past 10 out of 10 because then The King Of Hell should be rated 11 out of 10. Thanks for keeping Metal alive and horns high always \m/


-Steve Saks

Track Listing

1 - The King Of Hell


2 - The Plague Called Man


3 - Tormentor


4 - When Empires Fall


5 - Wicked Disposition


6 - Caress Of The Dead


7 - Pain Will Be Thy Name


8 - In My Darkness


9 - The Garden Of Temptation




User Ratings

Avg. User Rating : 10.00

# of Ratings : 1



SteveSaks 10.0

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"The King of Hell", the new album from reactivated Texas heavy metal legends HELSTAR, will receive a North American release on January 13, 2009 via Locomotive Records.


"The King of Hell" was released in Europe on September 26, 2008 on AFM Records.

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"The King of Hell", the new album from reactivated Texas heavy metal legends HELSTAR, will receive a North American release on January 13, 2009 via Locomotive Records.


Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!! :banger:

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New Helstar video for the track "Pain Will Be Thy Name" off THE KING OF HELL... :banger:


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Okay that was a little disturbing but for some reason I couldn't turn away. :anon::headbanger:


What did you find more disturbing... the torture/pain images, or the bass player's "skullet?" :lol:

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