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Holy B.S. Alert

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The seller is the scumbag Walter Konrad aka Thomas Ringseis.


Look at this item


Here's an other hyper rare item


I don't see these in every used cd shop, but nearly and refering them as hyper rare and AOR is pure crap.

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This is one is even worse.


Total and utter BULL SHIT!!!!


Michael B is a well known franco ontarian singer Michel Benac from the Dance Pop band "Swing". Great band by the way. This Michael B cd was Michel trying to make it on the English market and was released in the early 90's and it's pure dance/pop music. Madonna and Michael Jackson are more AOR than this cd.

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Bah.... There's MANY sellers out there that use the term "Rare" for damn near everything they try to sell :rolleyes:

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Hey when I sold my duplicate copy of Saigon Kick- The Lizard CD, I listed it as rare.... :whistle:

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