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Hades DVD

Fat Freddy

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This sounds like it's worth checking out... I got onto the Hades bandwagon a little late (circa 2000; I missed their late 80s heyday entirely for one reason or another) they were a pretty bad-ass thrash/speed metal band in their day and one of Jersey's finest :banger:


Rome's own Cruz Del Sur Music will release the first ever live Hades DVD, November 2008. If you never got to see Hades live, here is your chance! Watch the band open for Manowar and Nuclear Assault December 30th, 1988 in Boston. The set list includes such songs as "The Leaders?", "Nightstalker", "I Too Eye" and "Opinionate!". The DVD includes 'Behind The Metal' filmed during the recording of The Downside album. It includes interviews with Dan Lorenzo, Alan Tecchio, Jimmy Schulman, Ed Fuhrman and Scott LePage plus old video

clips, live footage and TV show appearances, as well as a video for "Frozen Planet" from Dan Lorenzo's first solo album.

New Jersey's Hades came on to the thrash metal scene in 1987 with the release of Resisting Success.They received glowing reviews in all the major metal magazines. They followed up a year later with the cd If At First You Don't Succeed.In America Hades performed countless shows opening for bands that included Megadeth,Slayer, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Manowar, Overkill and Danzig. During the summer of 1989 HADES toured Europe for the first time. In the middle of the tour they decided to break up after the tour was over. All the hard work they had put in would never come to fruition. Alan Tecchio moved to Texas to join Watchtower. Dan Lorenzo started a doom band that he named Non-Fiction. Alan eventually rejoined up with Dan in Non-Fiction and they released 3 CDs and toured the world. In 1999 Hades got back together. Over the next three years HADES recorded three new cds for Metal Blade Records. They put in a strong performance at the Wacken Festival in 2000. Just as quickly they were gone once again.



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Welp, the Hades BOOTLEGGED IN BOSTON 1988 DVD finally came out earlier this month (not late '08 as previously advertised) and I managed to snag a promo copy from Detritus 'zine. Watched it last night, pretty cool stuff if you're a diehard old school Hades fan but pretty worthless unless you're already a fan of the band. As the title suggests, this is an old bootleg video pressed to DVD and therefore the live set (taped during their brief East Coast tour with Nuclear Assault and Manowar back in the day) is pretty sh*tty, washed out quality. Soundwise it's not bad but since it was shot by a guy in the audience you only see vocalist Alan Tecchio about half the time, the camera guy was on the side of the stage closer to the guitarist and bassist so they're the guys you see most of. The entire live set has a weird orange haze around it too, probably due to a lot of reds being used on the stage lighting. Fun to watch once or twice but nothing I would sit through over and over again.


The bonus stuff is fun though -- a homemade "Behind the Music" documentary about the band called "Hades: Inside the Metal" (which was shot in 2000 to pimp the then-current release of THE DOWNSIDE), plus the (cheesy) videos for "Y2K" and "Ground Zero NYC," and one of Dan Lorenzo (guitarist)'s solo jams. Worth a look if you were a fan back in the day but if you've never checked out Hades before I would suggest picking up one of their albums rather than this DVD, as much of it is pretty rough stuff.


Video for "Ground Zero NYC" (which was recorded before 9/11 by the way)

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