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Is this Freddy Curci singing?


Is this Freddy Curci singing?  

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AVALANCHE- Restless Youth


Here's the situation. I found a rare AOR compilation on the weekend called "Number Nine Sound". I believe it's a Canadian label compilation from the early 90s. Of all the bands on this disc, I was only familiar with one of them: Page Two. (I've located their In the Heat of Nevada CD several times.)


The band that I'm puzzled about is called Avalanche. It appears to be a "project" type band, led by Anton Streiss (keyboardist and producer). The liner notes do not disclose the name of the vocalist, but the other partner in the band is drummer Seppo Salminen. (Both are photographed in the booklet.) Neither Seppo nor Anton appear to be the vocalist... but the voice I keep hearing is that of Freddy Curci (Sheriff, Alias). Or is it? Maybe I'm hearing things! One thing for sure, if it isn't Curci, it's the closest sounding singer to Curci I've ever heard! The "Restless Youth" MP3 link is located above and I'd really appreciate your input...


And (of course), if any of you experts out there know anything about this band, by all means- fill me in!

It's definitely killer AOR/melodic hard rock... that much I think we can all agree on!


P.S. This CD is currently on eBay for anyone interested. Number Nine Sound

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It works now! I don't think it's him for the simple fact that I'm pretty sure we would have heard about it. But honestly, I don't know. The song is great!


I'm easily fooled when it comes to singers. I'm a huge Lillian Axe fan, but you could have tricked me with the new lead singer into telling me it's Ron Taylor ad I would have believed it.

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I don't think it's him. Even if there's a lot of similiraties in the vocal range.

As far as I know Seppo Salminen is an award winning Producer / Drummer / Educator based in Toronto, Canada. His work has been extensive and has included everything from drummer and multi-percussionist, to engineer and producer, to custom drum set builder and teacher/clinician. His work includes music for corporate video productions, commercials, and radio programs.

Seppo is a talented drummer/percussionist. He has over 30 CD recording credits under his belt. His technician and custom drum work has led him to work with a variety of top professional drummers including Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones.

But I don't think that Curci work with him. At least, if they had collaborated together, it seems to appear nowhere. But I'm not sure at 100% cause Avavalanche Canada (There's a lot of bands with the same name) still remains a very obscure band and informations are very poor about that combo.

BTW, good song, thanks for posting it. :drink:

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I just had a listen to this track - and I really don't think it's Freddy Curci singing but a great song anyway!

I wish Freddy would release something new, I love everything he's done except his Zion CD which was shit in terms of production, but some of those songs could have been awesome if they were recorded right.

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