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Best Of Seven


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Best Of Seven


Hey guys, does anyone know this band. I recently got their self titled album and an EP called 'Everything Is New Again'. I've often heard them compared to Butch Walker/Marvelous 3. Modern Rock I guess. I quite like them. The band apparantly broke up last year.


Best Of Seven - MySpace


Only one of the songs on the MySpace site is from their S/T album - not sure where the others are from but they're not the best examples of what these guys are capable of.


Any thoughts on this band??

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These guys are okay. I have the debut. To be honest, I wouldn't really recommend it. It is good, but not completely essential. I guess you could compare it to 40ft Ringo, Mars Electric and Marvelous 3. It is good enough, if you can find it nice and cheap.

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Saw over at MR.com, these guys have a new EP 'Three Songs & the Truth' available at I-tunes. Not sure if you can buy a physical CD anywhere - website is outdated and the MySpace page doesn't give away any details either. But you can listen to some of the new songs on their MySpace page and they're pretty damn good I reckon.

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