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After discussion with the other moderators, I have decided to close the Retrospect Records section of the forum. It will remain readable for an indefinite period of time as an informational resource (there IS some good information contained in it), but no new posts or responses will be allowed.


The reason this has been done is to try to set an environment where all label owners and representatives have the same level of authority and exposure, regardless of any controversy.


Sam (and any other label representatives) may post their press releases in the Record Label News forum. That forum will have all posts and responses reviewed by moderators prior to being posted.


If you feel the need to discuss legal, moral, or ethical issues regarding ANY record label, you may do so in the Flamefest section of the message board. Any attempt to do so outside of that section of the forum will result in either warning or outright suspension, at moderator's discretion, depending on the extent and recurrence of the offending posts.



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