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After discussion with the other moderators, I have decided to close the Retrospect Records section of the forum. It will remain readable for an indefinite period of time as an informational resource (there IS some good information contained in it), but no new posts or responses will be allowed.


The reason this has been done is to try to set an environment where all label owners and representatives have the same level of authority and exposure, regardless of any controversy.


Sam (and any other label representatives) may post their press releases in the Record Label News forum. That forum will have all posts and responses reviewed by moderators prior to being posted.


If you feel the need to discuss legal, moral, or ethical issues regarding ANY record label, you may do so in the Flamefest section of the message board. Any attempt to do so outside of that section of the forum will result in either warning or outright suspension, at moderator's discretion, depending on the extent and recurrence of the offending posts.



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    • Ehh? Nobody ever said that getting vaccinated prevents you from getting the disease. It doesn't make you immune. It lowers your chances of contracting it and passing it on, and more importantly greatly lowers the effect of COVID-19 *IF* you get it. Just like a flu shot doesn't prevent you from getting the flu. Cumulatively across the population, the fewer non-active hosts the virus has a chance to spread to, the lesser the chance it continues on. While it may not die out entirely, having a fully immunized population means that any flare-ups will be much smaller in size and severity.
    • They should start testing everyone who is fully vaccinated and determine the percentage of them that test positive. Why after your double jab are you considered immune to the disease when that's simply not true. Your symptoms might be less severe but you could still die and you could still be passing on to other people who it might kill. Why are they not testing the fully vaccinated? 
    • Forever All Over Again - Night Ranger
    • Thats the cd,the vinyl is ltd ed pink or black but the ltd edition pink is sold out on their site already.
    • Is it a picture disc? It looks like a The Midnight album cover on the LP. 
    • lol. In Jan we had nearly 2000 people a day dying. Now we have around 100 a day dying (mostly unvaccinated people), with 50,000 cases a day. but yeah that vax doesn't do shit  
    • mate people vaxxed in the UK are generally not dying . Fact..Most people getting ill, hospitalised and dying are unvaxxed. see my post above. Flu jabs are tweaked every year to deal with new strains, COVID will be exactly the same.  
    • it's a f prop gun on a film set. What the hell are you on about.  What happens when an English actor gets handed a gun on a film set?? They sure as hell aren't going to do the checks you mentioned cos they wouldn't have seen , let alone handled a gun ever in their life in all probability. 
    • An ex brother in law is convinced that Bill Gates has implanted nano-bots into everyone with the covid vax. He's a tool lol. But now I'm gonna tell him about how Hall & Oates are involved too. That will blow his mind! Haha.
    • Cover Art...  and its already available for preorder from the band... https://danreednetwork.tmstor.es/?fbclid=IwAR3i1QylAODTSHvJUg8tQCeZUyEYZ2myE3-9EtDETI_tO4L2D-G-mjkaHr0
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