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Love Child - Self Titled - Jap Release -

Guest Razor

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Heh Everyone,

A couple of people have praised Love Child on eariler posts (thanks for everyone who has helped me out :D )


Someone has offered me a copy for $40 <_< Should I accept or not ?



There are very few cd's out there I really want (hmm cant think of any right now) and Im only really looking to add the best to my collection. Should I make the purchase cus its not cheap but I know its rare.


If its as good as Skid Row - S/t , Vain - No Respect or Lillian Axe - Love + War I'll have it :P


Did anyone know memebrs of Lovechild went on to forms Z Records Seven Wishes ?


Thanks everyone


Razor :ph34r

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Holy S%*t... HH was around in 2002? :bowdown:


This might be the longest time ever expired before bringing a thread back to life. WOW.

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