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  1. 16 hours ago, Grey said:

    I have to agree. I think I spent as much time playing with the EQ as I did previewing the tracks.

    The songs are good but audio quality sucks.

    depends what you're playing it on. I listen to nearly everything on my phone on Spotify and to be honest with melodic rock there is very little difference between releases.

    now melodic rock vs chart is a different story.....that stuff walks all over our genre but then millions are probably pumped in 

  2. people including the likes of Iron Maiden (up to 7th Son),  Dio (first 2), Jouney , Boston etc is crazy talk. So many classic songs.

    That said now you can crucify me :lol:


    Led Zep

    Queensryche - operation mindcrime is the most overrated album of all time

    Motley Crue

    TNT - about 10 good songs

    Judas Priest

    Black n Blue

    Great White

    White Lion


    Firehouse (apart from All She Wrote)

    Rush. (I've tried)

    ZZ Top

    Status Quo





    Ozzy black Sabbath



  3. 12 hours ago, CureTheSane said:

    5 songs were good enough for me, so overall it was a disappointment, but not a massive one.
    In the end it was the lyrical content that killed it.
    The repetition, the cration of the world "drenaline" lol
    Compare it to how you feel about Confess and it can't handle this the way you can't handle that I guess.

    i guess the difference for me is this : you mention Adrenaline and I can immediately recall the intro...chorus .. etc. I cannot recall a single thing about Confess. 

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