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    Ran into this guys youtbue page not long ago. https://www.youtube.com/user/theultimatequeenpage/videos Big Queen fan. And talks some about bands on Frontiers. He also is starting a label and producing albums. https://supertez.wixsite.com/stentertainment Might be a label to watch out for. This is his first release on his label.
  2. jondavis

    KIX - "FUSE 30 REBLOWN" Release On Sept 21

    Kix has a bunch of unreleased songs, they should put out those demos instead of songs we know already. Yea I get it, its an Anniversary cd. But still maybe include something new for us.
  3. jondavis

    Brian Barnhouse - Sign of Life

    Got this in with Perfect Plan and Quireboys - white trash blues Those have been stealing most of the time in my cd player. But will be playing this one more soon. No review yet.
  4. jondavis

    Crimson Glory - S/T ?

    I went to Amazon to get the Crimson Glory S/T album and it says I can pre-order it? So that's what I did. I'm guessing this barely come up for re-release? Wondering if they are including anything extra on it?
  5. This is a fun CD. Just got done listening to it for the first time.
  6. jondavis

    What CDs did you buy this week?

    Tyketto - Live In Milan - Blu-Ray Bloody Heels - Through Mystery Brian Barnhouse - s/t Stryper - GodD***Evil Perfect Plan - All Rise Giuffria - Silk And Steel Stone Fury - Burns Like A Star Vixen - Vixen James Christian - Carving W.A.S.P. - Golgotha Siloam - Sweet Destiny Heartless - Heartless Mar-Keys - Back To Back Georgia Satellites - In The Land Of Salvation & Sin Coverdale-Page - S/T Bonham - The Disregard Of Timekeeping Salty Dog - Lost Treasure Graveyard Train - S/T Dan Baird - Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired Kik Tracee - No Rules Trouble Tribe - S/T Kane Roberts - S/T L
  7. jondavis

    Bride - working on new CD

    Why was I think Krokus at times?
  8. jondavis

    TNT - XIII

    Ok its Cheesy. But I like Cheese Now if they can mix this cheese with better lyrics it could get good.
  9. jondavis

    King of Kings, second album.

    guesiing it is this one...
  10. Wow didnt' expect this one from W.A.S.P. Don't even own any album of theirs but this one is on order now. Good song. Got stuck watching the NFL draft so just now getting back here. And yes that whole Savatage album is one of the greatest cd's ever.
  11. Which reminds me...

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