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  1. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    haven't heard Ark Storm, will give it a spin later - is it similar with his Ring of Fire project ?
  2. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    Geoff, is No Sleep and Self modern rock thing ?
  3. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    I will try NFO and just checked out LeBrock and surprisingly great, love it too, too bad it's only digital and only CDR ?
  4. Nightrain

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    i think that's reasonable - judging by the re-recording of FM Indiscreet and Harem Scarem Mood Swings that I like, i have a hunch that this one is gonna turns out fine too
  5. Nightrain

    Top-5 2018 (at the moment)

    For me top 5 at the moment and both still under 5 spins though : WET VEGA STATION GRAND DESIGN SHIRAZ LANE and near the top 5 are JUDAS PRIEST, ISSA, PERFECT PLAN, and PAL
  6. Nightrain

    Upcoming 2018 releases

    Clif Magness and Gioeli/Castronovo probably worth the wait
  7. Nightrain

    James Christian

    For me, it's not that bad, probably underrated I guess. Not the one that I'll play regularly though but I think some should give it a try, just don't expect too much of HoL in it
  8. Yeah no point - just for cash grabbing purpose but i don't see any cash flowing in to this album
  9. Nightrain

    Captain Black Beard - Struck By Lightning

    Hm i'll give this one a try and drop my thoughts later
  10. Nightrain

    Dare - Out of the Silence II

    Hm i don't see the point of re-recording this but I might buy it anyway, their first album is my fave :D
  11. Nightrain

    VEGA - Only Human

    Overall still a pleasant album as expected My fave are 'Only Human', 'Last Man Standing', and 'All Over Now' - if I have to put the weakest point, well probably 'Go To War' but I still dig that song anyway
  12. Nightrain

    Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days

    I love this album - couple of weak songs but overall a great album !
  13. Nightrain

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I don't like vinyl to be honest, have tried it several times but my ears are for CD only haha anyway, I like this new album a lot and definitely among the top 5 this year so far
  14. Nightrain

    New STATION Release

    i kinda like the debut so I'll find time to listen to this one
  15. Nightrain

    W.E.T - Earthrage

    I think it's easy to predict, as of now, this and the new Judas Priest ranked the top for me i love 'Dangerous', 'I Don't Wanna Play That Game', and 'Callling Out Your Name' so far - all in all still a consistent album as expected !! Well i'm about to dig into Issa and Stryper now

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