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New James arWHINE's incarnation: cdhound859

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Notify eBay before taking any money, shipping the cd's and before he can jip you or leave negative feedback.


eBay's Previously Suspended Users Report Page


Make sure to use the info on this thread to report him. They like when you give them a full list of facts. They have more to act on then. Send them his address and previous usernames.




I usually just say something like:


This is James Arwine again. He's been suspended from eBay many times over now for fraud, theft, non-paying bidder, and many other offenses. Please remove him before he screws someone over again.


His address is:


James Arwine

68 North Main Street

Apt. # 2

Red Lion, PA 17356




Dennise Peresolak

68 North Main Street

Apt. # 2

Red Lion, PA 17356




Previous Usernames:






















Then just add whatever new usernames he's been using

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Yeah T-Bone, I already did that the minute I saw he screwed my SDI auctions!


EvilBAY people knows him very well I can bet. Why they dont write a simple quiery which will prevent him re-registering in their database is something I dont understand... maybe they enjoy him screwing people around and thus accumilating insertion fees (when James screws your auction you get your final value refunded, but NOT the insertion fee, you suck on that as your loss) :angry:


EvilBAY knows how to make money and James is working very hard for them! They should put his picture on the "Employee of the month" board!

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