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I am very disapointed from some sellers based in Holland and selling cds on ebay and on cd fairs. Well I dont like to mention their names or any details yet. I just realised that they are all working together bidding one each others auctions in order to create more demand and extremely high prices and test drive so the average user eventualy spent too much money on one cd because of that. Recent exapmle East Cost cd, HERO cd on EP couple of months ago and many many other ebay lsitings. I recomment to stop that and leave people to bid as they please and just try to make fair business. I know who you are cause you have been to most of cd fairs in Holland and Germany and some of you wear EBAY t-shirts. I am almost convinced that you are in league with Ebay itself as well but that is not yet cross examined entirely. Please stop that way of business and let us buy our music on a bargain if possible otherwise dont even bother to list cds. After all thats the pint of buying second hand cds from ebay in order to find some rare items for our collection as cheap as possible. I hope you will understand my request. Keep On Rockin'

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To be honest I never knew that those people will make the prices go so high and our beloved music to be such a pain...to find it and listen to it. Thank you for your comment. I hope the people who buy cds to understand and punish those dealers and so make a difference at last. The less we buy the more they will understand how bad it is especialy when they wont have the sales they want.


One solution is to NOT BID when you find a item you want if this item have been already bidded by someone else. I know its hard but we must do that in order to buy cds on affortable prices and within fair trading rules.


I am sure that someone outthere is honest and decent trader so lets keep our eyes open and find them and spread the word.


Keep On Rockin'

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