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Caught in the Act, no not that!

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Some goofball tried to sell a Dream Theater Fan Club cd from 1996, the exact same one that I am selling on Ebay at the moment. When I say exact, I mean exact, he stated selling the cd number 1254 (they were all numbered being that thay were very rare), which is the exact number that I am selling.


The loser didn't even have the intelligence to change the number. He copied my photo and restated word for word my listing. I wrote to Ebay, and..............within 5 five minutes received a response, the item was removed, One for the good guys, well I think I'm a good guy.


This seller, whom I don't have his Ebay id, because the item is now invalid, all I know is that he is from Italy and has very little feedback, is right up there with James Arwine when it comes to complete knuckle draggin' cousin f****er stupidity. :anon:



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When i saw this topic , I thought George Michael or Hugh Grant got busted again

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