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DKD Project

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  • Stefan changed the title to DKD Project

Like that...well most of it...wonder why they never put lyrics to "This Life"? 

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This features Pete Newdeck, Mark Timson, Daemion Davis and Lukky S.

More info:

DKD Project is finally here. It's taken ten long years but, the brainchild of Daemion Davis is now a reality after the idea of inviting friends to join him to collaborate on songs came to him towards the end of 2023.
Hailing from Neston, UK, Daemion is a seasoned musician who has been playing guitar in bands since the early 90s. After playing extensively throughout Europe for five years from 2006 to 2011, family commitments made him take a step back from live playing and, while he continued writing his own songs, he focused on playing on other artist's releases. This meant that, every now and again, he got to lift a pick, strap his guitar on and put his mark on a song that he loves - the last release being the stunning reimagining of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean with vocalist Dan Byrne in 2021.
Influenced mainly by AOR and Melodic/Hard Rock, Daemion has vast musical tastes, but his roots, and passion, are deeply immersed within guitar oriented rock music.
Enlisting the expertise of Pete Newdeck on production and the mastering talents of Harry Hess, the resulting first track is a breath-taking 80s style melodic rock , guitar driven ballad that we know you will take to your hearts.
PETE NEWDECK- Drums & Bass
LUKKY S - Vocals


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