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Alcatrazz announce new vocalist

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From their FB page:

Alcatrazz wish to make the following announcement:

Back in late 2020 the brilliant Doogie White came in to help us out with our then already booked live dates after the departure of the previous vocalist (those dates were ultimately postponed to late 2021 due to the Covid lockdowns).

We all had a GREAT time...and thus, one thing led to another and before we knew it we had made two fantastic albums and toured considerably in a nearly 4 year period.

Now our schedule is getting busier and busier, as is Doogie's with his very fine solo work... and with that, the inevitable clashing of dates in our respective diaries, and needless to say, the impossibility of him being able to be in two places at one time.

We remain on very very good terms with Doogie and cannot thank him enough for his contributions to the band, he is very welcome on our stage anytime, as are all past Alcatrazz alumni.

Current Warlord vocalist and someone already known to many Alcatrazz fans (as co-producer and also contributing songwriter for Alcatrazz's past 3 albums) Giles Lavery will be stepping up for the 2024 live dates - and with that we will be reintroducing many songs from the Alcatrazz past, including some not played in many years.

Giles's first show is 22nd of March in New Orleans, lets all make him feel welcome and please lets also give a massive thank you to our dear friend Doogie White for everything he gave to this band since 2020, he is a true pro and a great person!

Doogie has a video message to the fans that we will share later today as well.

Jimmy, Gary, Joe, Larry.


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