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Suicide Silence - You Only Live Twice (Heavy "deathcore" track from 2011 - but cool video)


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I'm sure the song will be much hated, but I'm struggling with this at the moment. As I've stated elsewhere, I am very weary of any more screaming vocals, but as I get sidetracked in life, I found myself binging on a bunch of these "deathcore" bands on youtube yesterday and so much so do I love the music, I think I'm coming around a bit to a few of these bands. 

It's weird. I'm sick of the screams in the post-hardcore, and even metalcore stuff. But there's something about this that makes me acknowledge it wouldn't probably actually work without the brutal vocals. I just found myself enjoying it for what it is... plus the video's pretty awesome too;


I believe both these bands copped a bit of shit back in the day, but I also thought this actual song was really cool too (for those keen eyed, this is not the Attack Attack band a few of us dug from the same era);


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