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Old Gods Of Asgard (Poets Of The Fall) - Rebirth - Greatest Hits


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Old Gods Of Asgard is Poets Of The Fall's alter ego band,  featured in the  Control and Alan Wake video games. All the songs from the 4 games plus a new track have been finally compiled into 'Rebirth: Greatest Hits' released 09-12-23.

OLD GODS OF ASGARD - REBIRTH - GREATEST HITS 2LP - Preorder - New Vin - V72S - Picture 1 of 1





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I meant to post about this today but I wasn't fast enough. :P

Good stuff. I guess we're the only ones interested in this Jez.

No love for POTF on this site.

Rebirth - Greatest Hits, out December 8th 2023, stands as the opulent zenith of the legendary band Old Gods of Asgard, a testament to their enduring journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the entertainment industry. Order the album on CD now!

Crafted over years that can only be described as a melodic odyssey, this album encapsulates the band's decades-spanning virtuosity and unbridled creativity.

In this magnum opus, the Old Gods have woven a tapestry of sound that is nothing short of breathtaking. It unleashes a barrage of rock 'n' roll anthems that could grind rocks to dust and pulverize hotel rooms. The thunderous drumbeats and scorching guitar riffs ignite a fire within, and the vocals soar to celestial heights, invoking a sense of euphoria that can only be described as transcendental. Yet, the band is not content with mere fist shaking and knuckle rattling.

Glorious ballads, tender as a lover's whisper, caress the soul with their haunting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. These songs are like shimmering jewels in a musical crown, each note carrying the weight of a thousand emotions.

This album is not just music; it's a celestial voyage, a sonic masterpiece meticulously sculpted by the hands of musical titans. Rebirth - Greatest Hits is a testament to the enduring power of artistry and the indomitable spirit of the Old Gods of Asgard, leaving us spellbound in its radiant glow.

"Creating Rebirth was like chasing stars over the seas of our imagination.

Furthermore, it was incredible to witness the skill and dedication of everyone we worked with on this project. We all poured our hearts and souls into this sonic journey." - Marko Saaresto, Odin - Old Gods of Asgard

“This album is a culmination of a long and wonderous journey of artistic collaboration between friends. A fever dream come true. The songs play a key role in the games Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Control and Alan Wake 2, deepening the lore or setting up a memorable scene. We hope you will love the music as much as we have loved creating both the band and the songs.” - Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy


1. The Skald Awakens
2. Dark Ocean Summoning
3. Children of the Elder God
4. The Poet and the Muse
5. Balance Slays the Demon
6. Anger’s Remorse
7. Herald of Darkness
8. Take Control
9. The Sea of Night









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On 11/19/2023 at 4:29 PM, Stefan said:

I meant to post about this today but I wasn't fast enough. :P

Good stuff. I guess we're the only ones interested in this Jez.

No love for POTF on this site.








Christ knows why...I would have thought 'Balance Slays The Demon' especially would appeal. Nevermind...we can both appreciate them from afar, safe in the knowledge, that everyone else is missing out ;)  I finally got to see them live last week in Nottingham and they were absolutely brilliant

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This is a lor heavier in places than some of the typical POTF stuff, but still very obviously them. 'Balance Slays The Demon' and 'Dark Ocean Summoning' are both brilliant tracks with some absolutely phenomenal guitar playing in spots, with 'The Poet and The Muse' and ''Angers Remorse' being more typical Poets style tracks and most excellent they are too. Been spinning this all week and it's a fantastic album

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