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Linman - Heaven Calls (2-CD Deluxe Edition)


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From MelodicRock Classics:

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrik Linman has been part of the Finnish music scene since the early 80s – starting as singer in the band Action. While a lot of his work is in writing, producing and behind the scenes, his debut album - Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ made a strong mark on the scene when released back in 1992. Due to a limited pressing it has since become a much sought-after collector’s item, fetching big prices each time a copy surfaced.
Now thanks to Patrik and producer Clas Holm, Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ is getting a full makeover.
The album has been remastered by Clas, giving the songs more punch than the original recordings.
As a special bonus, the first 500 units will come with a second disc of unreleased demos and recordings made by Patrik across the years, 2002-2016. The style of these songs matches the melodic rock brilliance of the album.
JK Northrup has jumped in to remaster these new gems.
New Artwork from Arnaud Leger updates the cover and contents.

Patrick Linman started his musical path by being a bass player and singer in
Finnish rock band Action in the early 80´s. After 3 years of music studies he went
on to form hard rock band Not Yet in 1990. The band released one single in
1991. 1992 he released his first solo album ”Heaven Calls”.
1999 he formed pop band called Place 2 Go. This pop-duo got signed to
Universal Sweden and released the album ‘Faces’ in 2000.
Patrick also participated in Finnish Eurovision twice, 2004 and 2005.
2006 he became manager and songwriter for his son’s band Sturm und Drang.
The band became a huge success in many countries and sold both gold and
platinum. 2020 he participated in Voice of Finland.
From 2005 to recent time Patrick has been mostly writing music for other artists
plus doing thousands of live gigs with many different constellations.
Now it’s time for ‘Heaven Calls’ again!
MelodicRock Classics will release the Deluxe Edition of ‘Heaven Calls’ on June 30.

Track Listing:
01. Find Me Another Way 4:12
02. Set Me Free 2:50
03. Love Is No Lie 4:30
04. Heaven Calls 4:00
05. Just Don't Leave Me Alone 3:40
06. Electric Crusade 3:27
07. Everybody Want Some Love 3:28
08. Rock N' Roll Heals Me 3:52
09. Tell Me 4:32
10. Pain And Ecstasy 4:12
11. Day After Day 2:30
12. Eyes Of The World 3:58
Bonus Disc Tracks:
Are You Happy When You’re Smiling
Easier To Walk Away
Even If The Sun Doesn’t Rise Again
Everything But Still Nothing
Fine Fine Again
Long And Winding Road
Loving You
Such A Foolish Way
Summertime Sky







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  • Stefan changed the title to Linman - Heaven Calls (2-CD Deluxe Edition)
On 6/14/2023 at 1:19 PM, melodicrock said:

Thanks for sharing mate.

No worries mate.

Actually I've had a few drinks with Patrik after a gig of his many many years ago, he's from the same part of Finland as me. Pretty much the same town...

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