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From Escape Music:

Film composer Vince DiCola and former Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry have a long musical history together and have been close friends for decades. Thread, featuring DiCola and Perry alongside vocalist Ellis Hall, was a band that proudly offered progressive rock at its finest. Ellis Hall’s contributions are particularly notable amongst such brilliance. An absolutely fantastic singer, Hall had previously recorded as part of the fictional R&B group the California Raisins as well as the very real-life Tower Of Power.

Some exciting bonus material has been added for this Escape Music reissue. These additional songs feature incredible and memorable vocal performances from Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Foundry, Dokken), Shem von Schroeck (Ambrosia/Toto) and Vince himself.

Additional personnel included three amazing guitar players… the afore-mentioned Mark Boals, Rocket Ritchotte (Black Rose, Steppenwolf, Stan Bush, Barrage) and John Defaria (Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine, Kenny Loggins, David Foster). The resulting album is brilliant, at times verging on a West coast version of Kansas.

The album, originally released in 1996 on Laughing Gull Records, is utterly brilliant and one of the greatest unsung prog rock albums of all-time, here it is to be enjoyed with a superb remaster and a bonus disc.

Vince DiCola Keyboards (including keyboard, bass and guitars), background vocals, additional percussion programming.
Ellis Hall Lead and background vocals
Doane Perry Drums and percussion

Additional musicians:
Mark Boals, John De Faria, Rocket Ritchotte, Shem von Schroeck, Rick Livingstone

Release Date: 23 June 2023

CD 1
1. Live at the Scene 7:02
2. Hands of Kindness (Short version) 5:00
3. Another Mean Day 4:58
4. Just Out of Reach 5:37
5. Rage 4:41
6. Secrets of the Game 4:43
7. Rainbow Suite 14:50

CD 2 unreleased tracks
1. Live at the Scene (Featuring Shem von Schroeck) 6:06
2. Hands of Kindness (Extended version feat Mark Boals) 14:14
3. Top of the World (R. Livingstone & S. von Schroeck version) 4:57
4. The Last of Her Kind (Featuring Vince DiCola) 5:37
5. Ever Changing World (Featuring Mark Boals) 4:24
6. Rainbow Suite (Featuring Mark Boals) 14:53
7. Jessie‘s Journey - The Suite  18:45 (STORMING HEAVEN featuring Rick Livingstone)









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    • Ya, when I saw the teaser on fuckbook, I was shocked…such a great surprise.  Hope it’s a great song!
    • Not stellar, but candidly waaaay better than I was expecting.
    • Not going to disagree with this. They've really not changed their sound much across their discography. Either you like it or you don't.
    • New single 'Apocalypse Blues' out tomorrow    
    • Not quite sure about this one. The new (?) songs are good and the re-works of the 'Riot Avenue' songs do sound better than the originals (there is a but coming). 'Sword And Stone' is okay but should have been left in Bonfire's very capable hands. This version pales significantly compared to that one.  Anyway, I guess the idea of the re-recordings is decent here. For the most part the production sounds better, but, there's a problem. And without being a sound guru, I'm not sure exactly what it is. There is what I believe is an issue with the treble area in the final sound, most noticeable in the first song. I don't know the exact way to explain this stuff, but the best way to describe it is that it sounds like a well produced album, at a really low bitrate. Instead of 320kbps it just sounds like it's coming through the speakers at 64kbps... even at a high bitrate. Irritating and something I can't shake, but there's good bits to it too.    
    • I loved this dude's first two post-Idol albums. It's pure pop rock, but I still absolutely love songs such as this; Sadly, for me, everything since those first two albums has been some kind of variation of a train wreck. The Quiet Riot stuff was a mess and this type of metal he's churning out now - I regret to say - is just painful to my ears. Lyrically, he may as well be singing about pasta on train tracks with a side of tree branch for all I can connect with it. Musically I find it really boring, and lyrically it's even worse.  I've actually got the hard copies of first two CDs in my garage but it's too much hassle to go look for them. I can't remember if he wrote or at least co-wrote a lot of the stuff on those two albums, but either way it definitely sounded like the songs at least meant something to him. I'd like to hear that again rather than him trying this metal thing which really doesn't seem to suit him. If he's passionate about it, sure, go for it. I'd love to hear him doing something heavy (and good)... but with songs that actually sound like they mean something to him. This new album sounds like trash to me, I hate to say. He's undoubtedly had a very interesting life post-Idol. I'd much rather hear about that in songs rather than dragons eating reapers in balls of fiery metal or whatever shit is on this album. 
    • Pretty true to their sound so many years into their career. Definitely sounds like HS; no doubt about that. 'Broken' is my favourite song from here... nice tune. Most of the rest is all pretty good to solid too. Admirable effort. 
    • Probably wouldn't have bothered to check this out if I'd not heard an interview with Ace where they spoke about the fact that Steve Brown of Trixter fame co-wrote and produced the album. And it does sound good, production-wise. And the songs are a bit better than I expected. Stand out track is the simple but nice 'Back Into My Arms Again.'  The but? For me, it's the vocals. He is not a good singer... quite a bad one, in fact, and it affects the songs poorly, for me. Which is not to say they're all great otherwise. But some are okay. I wish they'd used Steve for the vocals... 
    • Ok even more clues. Carl's best friend the boy who cried ... and hallowed be thy name.
    • Nope you will kick yourself when it is guessed.
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