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Masaki - Feed The Flame


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Masaki - Feed The Flame CD | Released 31 July 2023 on Lions Pride Music.
Masaki is a brand new AoR band from Oslo founded by Tom Sennerud (Stoneflower, Days Of Wine), Eirik-André Rydningen (Nik Kershaw, Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin) and John Masaki (Stoneflower). The purpose of the trio is to bring back the classic A.O.R. sound and push it further with influences from modern pop music, fusion and prog rock (and of course to get rich and to get laid). 
Masaki is: 
John Magnus Masaki Nielsen – Vocals, B. Vocals 
Tom Sennerud – Guitars, Keys, B. Vocals 
Eirik Andre Rydningen – Drums, Percussion, Keys, Bass (Tracks 4,5,8,10)
Leif Johansen: Bass (Tracks 1,2,3,6,7,9) 
Jon Willy Rydnignen: Additional Piano & Keys on Missing Me 
Arne Martinussen: Additional Piano & Keys on Angel Wings 
Lena Valla: Backing Vocals on Feels Like Home 
Johannes Winther Farstad: Piano & Keys on All That You Want 
Lasse Weeden: Bass on All That You Want
CD Track list: 
01. Angel Wings 
02. Feed The Flame
03. Stone Cold
04. She's Not You
05. Shades In The Rain
06. Almost Paradise
07. Missing Me
08. Chizuko
09. All That You Want
10. Feels Like Home


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