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B.O.W (Brotherhood of Wolves) - A Dump of Twisted Destinies (2022) Hard rock from Spain


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B.O.W (Brotherhood of Wolves) – A Dump of Twisted Destinies



B.O.W / Brotherhood Of Wolves already pleased us last year with their debut album, now only a year after the group is presenting second effort titled “A Dump of Twisted Destinies“. B.O.W formed in Spain by drummer Tommy Lopez and lyricist Vladimir Emelin, both collaborating with the late Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) on his last record. After Hensley’s death, they decided to launch this classic hard rock band with material partially wrote for Hensley, but also fresh material.
Still retaining the classic hard rock style from the ’80s and some AOR splashes here and here, “A Dump of Twisted Destinies” is more modern in terms of production, and focused on crisp riffs and concise songs.

01 – A Dump of Twisted Destinies
02 – We Were Fools
03 – Golden Ball
04 – Boss´s Girl
05 – Thirst for Love
06 – War Has No Face
07 – Turn Back Time
08 – Dangerous Game
09 – A Bad Mistake
10 – More Than Strength and Lies
11 – I´ll Be Back
12 – Thoughts (Bonus Track)

Marco May – lead vocals
Tommy López – drums, vocals
Moises Cerezo – bass
Izzy Cueto – guitars, vocals
Rob Wolf – guitars
Omar – keyboards



The following vids are from their previous, self titled album  released last year 



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