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Claire Vezina - Coeur Sauvage (S/T 1993 Canadian release)


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Claire Vezina - "Coeur Sauvage" which translates to "Wild Heart" in English

Yeah, I know it not being in English will kill any possible appeal for most, but even though I don't know wtf she's saying, I still think it's a very nice song.  


Check out some of the names who helped out on her 1993 debut...

1.    Tu me hantes
2.    Colin-Maillard
3.    Coeur Sauvage
4.    Douce Folie
5.    Dégivre
6.    Sors de ma vie
7.    Encore un blues
8.    Sortez-moi d’là !
9.    Boogie Déprime
10.  Tard  

Paroles et musiques: Claire Vezina
Collaboration: Richard Soucy, Aldo Nova, Jon Bon Jovi 
Voix: Claire Vezina
Guitares: Aldo Nova, Richard Soucy, Tino Izzo, Steve Segall
Basse: Sylvain Bolduc, Marc-André Dubé, Tim Harrington
Claviers: Denis Chartrand
Drums: Sébastien Langlois, Pete Barbeau
Choeurs: Claire Vezina, Alain Couture, Aldo Nova 
Réalisation: Aldo Nova
Enregistré au Studio Asylum, St-Lazare, QC. 



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