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Threshold - Surface to Stage 2-disc Expanded Edition


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In case there's anyone who missed getting the original version when it was still in print, or just a crazy completist like me... without much fanfare, Threshold has reissued Surface to Stage as a 2-disc expanded edition. Like other limited fan editions, this appears to only be available from the band directly, not through any retailers.

It now includes my alltime favorite Threshold track "The Ravages of Time", which along with 2 others, had been omitted on the original release due to space constraints.




On 3 September 2021, Threshold will release an expanded double CD edition of their live album Surface To Stage featuring remixed and remastered audio, three additional tracks and an extended 12-page booklet with new liner notes and photos.

Recorded in Switzerland during the band’s 2004 Subsurface tour, the original release featured a cut down version of the concert to fit onto a single CD with the songs ‘Freaks’, ‘The Ravages of Time’ and ‘Fragmentation’ left out. Surface To Stage – Expanded Edition now features all 13 tracks in their original running order as performed on the night.

“It’s been a real pleasure revisiting this concert and restoring the audio to its full potential”, said guitarist Karl Groom who was responsible for remixing and remastering the album at Thin Ice Studios. “It was an amazing tour and I have great memories of it”.

Track Listing:

CD1: Mission Profile, Ground Control, Freaks, Into the Light, Echoes of Life, Long Way Home, Opium.

CD2: The Art of Reason, Pressure, The Ravages of Time, Light and Space, Flags and Footprints, Fragmentation.

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