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BOUDREAUX - Fallen Angel


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I just received my advance copy of the latest release from Metallic Blue Records which is a long awaited CD by the band BOUDREAUX.   I've had a demo from this band in my collection for a long time, so I had an idea of what I should expect and I certainly wasn't dissappointed.   Although fronted by Chris Boudreaux, the band has gone through a slough of lineup changes spanning over a decade.   A multi-talented musician, Chris Boudreaux (THE TAKE, SOLDIER, RESTLESS BREED, HAIL MARY, HUNTER)  got his start as a drummer.  A promotor told him that he was too flashy and animated to stay behind the drumkit and he should really think about becoming the front-man for the band. So, Chris set aside the sticks and picked up the mic.   Upon my first couple of listens, I dug the vibe and unapologetic nature of this new album.  From the first titular song, "Road To Nowhere",  they do not let up for one minute.   There are a couple of ballads here, "Without Love" and "Baby Don't Leave (Reprise),  but there’s no auto-tune, no computers and only sparse use of keyboards here and there to make things interesting.    The 14 tracks on this CD can be classified as melodic metal and hair metal.   There are times I could hear a sound in the vein of DAVID FEINSTEIN's solo albums in some of the tracks, yet distinctively unique.    Yet, on other tracks there's a definite hair metal sound in the vein of bands such as GOTHARD'S first two albums, XYZ and SLEEZE BEEZ with elements of HEAVEN'S EDGE and DIRTY RYTHM,   After all,  they want to crank out some rock solid melodic  tunes and that’s exactly what they’ve done on this release.   Cranking guitars, thumping drums and soaring melodic vocals  This album does everything you could want it to and every song has something in it you can enjoy.  If I ever start a melodic metal playlist, then I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple tracks off this album made it to that playlist.  The 12 page booklet contains an extensive history of the band and the disc is, of course, silver pressed as are all Metallic Blue releases.   Here is another essential CD that should be part of your collection and It pulls no punches......Oh yes,  and should be played, louder than loud.



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