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Random Kiss Observations/Questions


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So I had a 7 hour drive today so I put on my Kiss mix.

First thing that really stood out was the drumming in She. It's better than I thought Peter could do. Does anyone know if he actually drummed in it. If he did, then good on him, he's a better drummer than I thought.

Next was Let Me Know. I know this was one of their early songs, way before the album, but listening to it up pretty loud, it was clearly different to the rest of the songs from that album. Much more backtardy. I assume they whacked on an already recorded versionon the album?

Relaised that the end of Forever is kind of a heartbeat, not sure why I never saw that before.

Anyone have the proper track list for The Elder before the record company changed the order around and mucked up the story? Weird that even then they had such little say in something like this. Doubt that shit would fly if they put together another album now.

Listening to Hard Times, Ace is pretty rough. I know he was going for a street vibe in the vocals, but they are also fairly out there. There is one pary in the first verse when his voice it blended with itself and layered to stay in tume. The line at the smae spot next time hasn't had this alteration, so he must have done better.

Unmasked really is a killer album. Would love to hear a rework of manyof these songs with a heavier vibe, kinda like I Was Made For Loving You on Alive III

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