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lyrics help?


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Around 2007, I got a CDR compilation of some obscure rock songs but no artists or song titles. I searched online and found a few artists -- Bonfire, Burning Rain, Danger Danger, Millenium, Pretty Boy Floyd, Roxus, and Valentine. I still have 9 songs to go. As a start, can anyone help with these two (title and artist)? Here are the lyrics:


song #1 is 5:50:

can't you see that this was meant to be

and my heart belongs to you

tell me what else can i do

to show you how i feel


song #2, a power ballad, is 5:39:

i guess the higher you get

the harder you fall

the closer you get to another

the harder it  is to let go.


Thanks in advance for any insights into these songs!


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