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NEON ANIMAL - Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead (2017)


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We continue bringing to you exclusive releases, this time from a band that needs and deserve major exposure. You just simply can't love when someone title their debut album "Bring Back Rock 'N' Roll From The Dead", the first effort by NEON ANIMAL.

This is what happens when the spirit of Hanoi Rocks, the soul of the Rolling Stones and the swagger of an early Guns N' Roses collides all full-on with a serious dose of attitude.

This London outfit are currently making waves and it's easy to see why on this wonderful album.

NEON ANIMAL envision a world where we’re all young and skinny forever, Marc Bolan’s hair is still a mass of glammy curls, and Guns N’ Roses are still eating hot dogs in a storage space, and the only way to hear the true voice of God is to listen to the Top 20 countdown on the radio.

Will we get there? No. Does this album sound like we could? Yes, it really does, man.

"Bring Back Rock 'N' Roll From The Dead" is sleazy, slinky 70s glitter and 80s glam scrubbed clean with digital zap and flash, and while it’s not exactly reinventing any wheels, it does make ‘em spin and hum majestically.

Every song features a big gooey chorus and rampant guitar heroism, but the pick to click for sheer audacity is the brilliantly titled opener 'I’m Killing Myself & Everyone Is Helping Me'. It is a sleazy n’ roll joy of a song with a hook that will stay in the brain.

The band throws in an unexpected breakdown on the back half of the track and includes a quick solo. I imagine this song kicks off the live show more often than not.

‘Spin’ follows with the band going for a groove, where the lead guitar work by Miguel Martins stands out on this one, as well as the excellent lyrics by lead singer Mark Thorn. There is a section before the solo where I can see future crowds pumping their fist and singing the “hey” for them.

We find some cool acoustic guitar touches throughout the uptempo title track, a pure rocker but with some vintage Cheap Trick on it as well.

I must emphasize that while NEON ANIMAL rocks pretty hard with a glammy / sleazy attitude, their playing, arrangements and production are extremely clean. This is step up by 3 members doing backing / harmony vocals which contribute to the overall melodic delivery.

At times, some of the album’s songs like 'From Hero To Zero' remind me of some eclectic or lesser known tracks that you might find on an Alice Cooper record.


This album rocks, however one of my favorites is the atmospheric (but not a ballad) ‘This Is The End’. Iv K. Lizz shows he is a really clever drummer; Jonathan Gaglione shines on the bass as Martin’s guitar playing is flawless.

This slow haunting six-minute number climbs into the soul and drags the hand to the “repeat” button. The final 90 seconds or so sees the band speed up the pace for a thunderous end.

You should get the picture that I am trying to create here for NEON ANIMAL‘s "Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead". The band rocks, the tracklist rocks and you can smell the attitude and authenticity.

All is served with a polished production sound, and at eight songs, the band does not overstay its welcome and leaves this listener wanting for more.

I highly recommend checking these guys out live if they are playing near you, as well as taking some time to check out this pretty killer debut. I am sure glad I did.

Highly Recommended

01 - I'm Killing Myself & Everyone Else Is Helping Me
02 - Spin
03 - Bring Back Rock 'n' Roll from the Dead
04 - This Is the End
05 - Kiss Like Dynamite
06 - Gimme More
07 - From Hero to Zero
08 - Bedtime Stories

Mark Thorn - Lead Vocals
Jonathan Gaglione - Bass & Backing Vocals
Iv K. Lizz - Drums
Miguel Martins - Guitar & Backing Vocals







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Saw them support LA Guns recently, and really was not impressed.

The singer is one of those guys who apes Mick Jaggers moves and has pretty poor stage patter.

Music itself wasn't bad in itself, but not that great either.

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25 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

Saw them support LA Guns recently, and really was not impressed.

The singer is one of those guys who apes Mick Jaggers moves and has pretty poor stage patter.

Music itself wasn't bad in itself, but not that great either.

That's kinda how I feel about the CD. 

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I did not know rock n roll was dead to be fair, but if it is, this would not be bringing it back.

When I saw them, the other support was Stone Trigger, and they are worlds apart when it comes to song writing, stage presence and even appearance. Stone Trigger (whether you like them or hate them) come across as "Rock Stars". Neon Animal came across as amateurs at pub doing their first gig.

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