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Charlie Puth anyone??


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All right, I gotta ask - does anyone here like Charlie Puth? I heard 2 maybe 3 of his older songs last year and didn't like em (Marvin Gaye and We Don't Talk Anymore), his voice is okay but I don't like the style, typical music you'd hear on the radio these days. After ignoring the new single Attention for a few months I've come to like it and am interested to hear his new album when it comes out next January. Although it's a pop song I think it's well made, nice build up with the pre-chorus and the synthesizers in the background for example. The new single How Long ain't bad either

He does a lot himself beside writing the music - recording, mixing etc. and from what I can tell he really likes getting into the production aspect of the music. I heard him say he likes a lot of early 90s RnB and pop for its production and tries to copy that. It may not be rock but I think it's admirable he is trying to sonically model his music after those examples with the big sound, warmth, backing vocals on top of each other and stuff like that. He's really putting a lot of thought into it which can't be said about a lot of ''artists'' or producers in mainstream music these days.....


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Album opener "The Way I Am" was released yesterday,  bit rockier with a prominent guitar riff throughout the verses. Now if only pop artists / producers weren't afraid of adding guitar solos to songs (like it was done in the 80s and early 90s)...... I think that would've pushed the track a bit more and added some personality and life



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