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From the 2016 release Too Heavy To Fly

Vanexa - Too Heavy to Fly


From the bands FB page:

Vanexa was one of the first Italian heavy metal band, their self-titled LP was consecrated by the national press as the first Italian heavy metal album. Born in Savona in 1978, their sound was typically Anglo-Saxon evidence abroad, where they were cited by several magazines as proponents of the new wave of heavy metal 
band from late '70s early' 80s. They also participated as a headliner at the fir st heavy metal festival held in Certaldo Italian in Florence May 21, 1983. In their career they also participated in various compilations including metal of Metal Mountain, exit the United States, with the song "Hanged Man" and Metal Italy with the song "It's over ". In 2007, a CD reissue of their eponymous debut album with 3 bonus tracks and unreleased second album "Back From The Ruins" with 5 bonus tracks taken from a live concert of 1984 was released in 2010 is out "1979-80" a compilation of early material (totally sung in italian) released on vynil and cd supports. We needed a new fresh band with a new fresh sound. VANEXA spearheaded what was termed 'the new wave of heavy metal'. They were a more than welcome addition of the Italian hard rock / metal scene. yet, this debut offering offers more energy and speed than real accomplishment. In 1983 VANEXA released their self-titled debut album, beginning what would become a legendary career for the band. They were one of many promising bands in the New Wave of Heavy Metal movement at the time. Following the success of Vanexa, the band released their second album Back From The Ruins in 1988. The album featured fan-favorites "Midnight Wolves", "Creation", "Hanged Man". This new album contained many tracks that had been written before the release of the debut album, but were considered a surplus. With songs already shaped on the road well in advance, only two new tracks were written for the album; Hanged Man and Creation. The band adopted a different approach for their 1994 studio album, entitled Against The Sun. This was not a concept album, though it was themed loosely around the idea of social problems. It featured, for the first time in the band's history, synthesized keyboards and guitars to add textures and layers to the sound. Though considered different from the norm of Vanexa sounds, it was a good response to Roberto TIRANTI, especially for the new incredible voice. The VANEXA lyrics contain literature quotes about famous books / movies or social issues fusioned in heavy heavy metal sound. especially for the new incredible voice of Roberto TIRANTI. The VANEXA lyrics contain literature quotes about famous books / movies or social issues fusioned in heavy heavy metal sound. especially for the new incredible voice of Roberto TIRANTI. The VANEXA lyrics contain literature quotes about famous books / movies or social issues fusioned in heavy heavy metal sound.
Line Up 
Roberto Tiranti - Voice 
Silvano Bottari - Drum 
Sergio Pagnacco - Bass 
Artan Selishta - Guitar 
Alex Graziano - Guitar 

VANEXA - Durium / DiscoIn - 1983 
BACK FROM THE RUINS - Minotauro Records - 1988 
METALLO ITALIA - Reflex Records - 1986 
MOUNTAIN OF METAL - 1992 - Mountain Recordings 
AGAINST THE SUN - 1994 - Minotauro Records 
SAMPLER - 1994 - Lucretia Records International 
TRIBU 'TO MOSTAR - 1995 - Art Music Records 
VANEXA - 1999 - Minotauro Records 
BACK FROM THE RUINS - 2001 - Minotauro Records - CD with 5 Bonus tracks
VANEXA - 2004 - Markuee Records - CD with 3 bonus tracks 
BACK FROM THE RUINS - 2006 - Markuee Records - CD with 5 Bonus Tracks 
1979/1980 - 2009 - Jolly Rogers Records 
METAL CITY LIVE - 2011 - MyGraveyards Records


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