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Hand of Dimes - Raise


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The new band fronted by ex-Skin/Kooga singer Neville MacDonald. Debut album out last year.


From FB:

After 25 years apart SKIN front man Neville Macdonald has reunited with 
his old friend and song writing partner Neil Garland. Half of the Welsh rock band KOOGA they received great acclaim locally, nationally, and around Europe with the release of their debut album ACROSS THE WATER in1986.

After the band split Nev. moved on to even greater success with UK rockers SKIN. Several chart albums and singles in the 90,s saw the band climb into the major league with TV appearances and main stage listing at many of the UK’s top rock festivals. After a ten year break SKIN reunited in 2009 to release a new album followed up with tours and appearances at The Download and High Voltage festivals in 2011.

Neil has continued playing and recording with various bands on the Welsh scene mixing the genres of blues, rock, jazz, funk, and more recently a fusion four piece reworking the music of Steely Dan.


The band:

Neville MacDonald, Neil Garland, Colin Edwards, Mark Maybry, David Stephenson.






1. Guilty

2. Moonlight Mile

3. Stranger in My Home Town

4. Pinstriped Arrogance

5. Jacob's Ladder

6. Drifter

7. Looking at You

8. Angels and Demons

9. Sail on

10. Bad Reputation

11. Come the Hour

12. Another Sunday

13. If I Hold You (Bonus Track)





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