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Rage n' Rox - s/t


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Originally recorded in 1989 and issued on CD by Retrospect Records in 2010.
Good stuff.

The band:
Tamara Deems – Lead & backing vocals
Gordy Deems – Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Field – Keyboards
Eric Kruegar – Bass guitar
Greg Oberst – Drums



1 Drive It In
2 Standing In The Rain
3 No More Lies
4 Never Wanted
5 Surrender
6 How Can You Do It
7 Break A Heart
8 Meet Me In The Morning
9 Walking With An Angel
10 Long Walk






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This is re-released through FnA records as 'Love On The Rox'.

Press release:

Rage N’ Rox was a 1980’s rock band from Portland, Oregon that toured around the Northwest for many years and then recorded their first EP in the late 80’s. They played frequently at the world famous “Wave” nightclub in Waikiki, Hawaii and were featured on television shows and newspaper articles. The songs “Drive it in” and “How Can You Do it” were welcomed onto the radio in many cities and overseas.

Given the early radio success the Rage N Rox EP enjoyed the group went back into the studio to record 5 more tracks and complete the album. The direction was a bit more pop/rock oriented in keeping with the changing market and brought the band more into the commercial arena. After the release of the full album Rage N Rox really hit the road hard.

Although a major label deal fell through in the end, this dynamic group featured wonderful musicianship and a powerful stage show that drew large crowds and loyal fans for years. The original members continue to play music in various bands in the Northwest today.





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