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Target - In Range


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Press release from Escape Music:

Escape Music pleased and have the greatest pleasure to announce the release of the unreleased Target third album featuring the late Jimi Jamison - lead and background vocals,Tommy Cathey-bass guitar and background vocals, Buddy Davis - guitars, Paul Cannon - guitars, Bill Marshall - drums and Gary Topper-saxophone on Love Magician. Recorded fall of 1979. Produced by Target and Engineer, John Hampton

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More details from Escape Music:

Target was an exciting US Quintet from Memphis that featured the legendary Jimi Jamison (Cobra / Survivor) on vocals. They released two albums on A & M in 1976 (Target) and 1977 (Captured). However, it has come to light that a third album was recorded in 1979, entitled “In Range” before the band split in 1982.

While vocalist Jimi Jamison did go on to greater heights - thanks to his stints fronting Cobra and, of course, Survivor not to mention releasing an impressive catalogue of solo records – Target were the band with whom he first made the progression from playing the bars and clubs to touring as a major label act opening for the likes of Black Sabbath and Styx. However, the debut Target LP wasn’t the singer’s first album recording credit. Nor bassist Tommy Cathey’s either. Having started to work together in a band called Omaha in the early 70’s an opportunity to hook up with another project was just too good to miss, as the latter explains: “After a stint in Omaha with Jimi, we both wanted to explore the chances of original music,” recalls Cathey. “David Beaver had been doing original music for a couple of years so we gravitated to that. We did two records with D. Beaver, of which only one was released (‘Combinations’ on the TMI label in 1973). Right after the second record, Jimi and I were ready to take the splash into forming our own band to do original music, so we teamed up with guitarist/organist Buddy Davis and formed Target. We still played cover music to pay the bills, but all along writing our own music and trying to be a good rock and roll band!” The band toured substantially back then and it was a shame that the band split before that third release saw the light of day

‘In Range’ was recorded in the autumn of 1979: it took the band about two to three weeks to do this third album. What an album it is though, this is Target’s best recording, chock full of quality songs and musicianship. Its criminal it has laid dormant for so long, but here it is for you on Escape Music.

Here is what bassist Tommy Cathey says about the recording:

“I think what I'm most proud of with the third album is the maturity of our songs and the developing sound we were getting in the studio. This album doesn't sound like the first two and I consider it to be the best of the three! We produced it ourselves and I think you can tell the distinction from the first two albums. The third album is all Target with no outside help or direction! I am very proud of our efforts and I hope all our fans and a new generation of fans will appreciate the music!”

Exciting times indeed!

Release Date: 20th October 2017
Catalogue No: ESMT309

Target is:
Jimi Jamison - Vocals
Tommy Cathey - Bass and Vocals
Paul Cannon - Guitar
Buddy Davis - Guitar
Bill Marshall - Drums
Gary Topper - Saxophone on Live Magician

Produced by: Target
Engineered by: John Hampton
Mastered by: JK Northrup at Alien Productions


Track List:
1- Tightwire 03:29

2- Love Magician 04:45

2- Too Much Good Lovin’ 03:32

4- Hold Tight 03:06

5- Taxman 03:18

6- Means That Much 04:01

7- Come On 03:18

8- A Place Called Hot 03:02

9- Don’t You Think Its Time 03:25

10- Echo Tango 04:37 (demo) bonus track

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