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Hi Heavy Harmonizers,


The world of AOR rock has now entered a landmark. Its common knowledge that many songs, including rock songs, have been written specifically for movie soundtracks. Everything I Do (I Do For You) by Bryan Adams (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) and I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith (Armageddon) are two of the more famous examples.


Many songs have been written about books, usually classic novels, retrospectively. However, until now, there has never been a song written, specifically for a novel as the book was being written.


This is our story.


In 2010, I wrote an action thriller novel entitled Hold On!, a project that was driven by my growing stack of AOR CDs. I took the books title from the most often-used song title in the AOR genre. This was then followed by a sequel, Go! Hold On! Season 2 (the title Go! inspired by the song by Asia), and finally, Run! Hold On! Season 3. Hold On! reached #1 on Amazon on May 29th, 2015, and to critical acclaim.


Purely for fun, I created the Hold On! soundtrack video, containing snippets of the tracks that had inspired the story, and put it on Youtube. One of the songs was Highway of Love by Shining Line:



In August, 2015. one week after the release of Run!, I was contacted on Facebook by Pierpaolo Zorro11 Monti, the mastermind behind Shining Line, Charming Grace, and guest artist on Room Experience, Lionville, and Moonland. Blown away that one of his songs had been an inspiration for my book, Pierpaolo proposed he wanted to write, record, and produce the official theme song for my next book. I eagerly accepted.


Pierpaolo then told me hed managed to poach Nick Workman, the lead singer of VEGA to sing duet on the track. With that, I signed on as executive producer.


Subsequently, Nick and I met up and shared stories. My harrowing stories about the publishing world inspired his song, White Flag, which became the lead single from VEGAs fourth album, Who We Are:



In May, 2016, we finally settled on a scene from the new book - a spin-off sequel to the Hold On! Trilogy entitled Hold On! Tomorrow, as the template for the song.


I am proud to announce our song Gotta Get Away by Charming Grace (feat. Nick Workman) the official theme track for my book, Hold On! Tomorrow. This is a slice of classic arena rock, categorized by an infectious melody, a huge chorus, keys, and masterful guitar playing. It also marks Charming Graces first new song in three years.


Gotta Get Away appears on the album We Still Rock The Compilation, due for release on October 3rd from Tanzan Music:




An official video for the song is currently in development. For now, heres the temporary version, featuring our amazing cast of performers, and scenes from the book to which the song relates. We hope you enjoy it:



Peter Darley

(Pee Dee)

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Interesting idea, one I wouldn't have considered. Most people link music with videos, movies, TV shows, or events.


Next step is to do an album corresponding to a book, where each song ties to a chapter... :)

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Interesting idea, one I wouldn't have considered. Most people link music with videos, movies, TV shows, or events.


Next step is to do an album corresponding to a book, where each song ties to a chapter... :)

That idea is in the pipeline already - not my book, but one by . . . let's say - someone you all know. ;)

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