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Too close To Touch


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Man, sad new about these guys which I'd missed at the time;

On March 26, 2022, lead singer Keaton Pierce died at the age of 31 due to complications brought on by acute pancreatitis.

Incredibly sad... so, so young. R.I.P.

Here's a short video from the other two guys in the band, speaking about the new album, 'For Keeps,' which is due for release on 8th of March 2024;


So to me it sounds like it's a collection of unreleased recordings from throughout the years brought all together as a final offering from the band. I can only assume that some of this was probably recorded for what would have been their next album/EP when Keaton passed? Either way, this'll be the last we hear of this band, sadly, so looks a must to me.

Here's a recently released track from it - every bit as good as anything else they've recorded. Such an incredibly consistent band;


And after going down a bit of a rabbit hole today, I got fixated on what is arguably the most emotive tune I may have ever heard. Last song on their album, 'Haven't Been Myself.' Amazed I never pinpointed this at the time - maybe because I blacked out with sadness every time I heard it... but what a song;


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What the fuck? Another band I completely missed back in the day, and just spent a couple hours doing a deep dive. Good stuff. 

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