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Last Call Messiahs - Last Call Messiahs (EP) (2014)


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Just been digging this kickass EP from a sleaze band from the USA! Yeah.... I know. From North Carolina.


Here's their ReverbNation page where you can play all their songs.


Last Call Messiahs - EP





Sounds Like: Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, Hardcore Superstar, Charm City Devils, Guns N' Roses




Last Call Messiahs (Raleigh, NC)


All original American hard rock band with plenty of sleazy swagger and bourbon soaked adrenaline to have you banging on the dashboard and screaming along at the top of your lungs. This is venomous, anthemic rock n' roll to raise your glass to..180% proof that the dream never dies.


Former Smashed Alley singer/guitarist Chris Clark brings his raspy, Sunset Strip voice front and center, writing hook- laden songs with multi-talented bassist Steve Blasko (Automag, Rebel Son, Mostley Crue), hard hitting, dynamic drummer Chuck Tipton (The Fifth, American Zero) and high voltage powerhouse lead guitarist Jeff Young (Thunderstruck).


Last year the band released their debut self-titled 4 song EP, which flawlessly showcases their collaborative hard rock and sleaze metal influences while at the same time crafting a sound that is truly original. Recorded at Adelaide Studios in Raleigh, NC with Revival Entertainment Group and produced and engineered by Neil Engle (Alesana, Funeral Portrait), the songs burst to life from the moment you press play. The EP landed in Sleazeroxx.com's Top 10 of 2014 alongside Kix and Steel Panther.


Lead off track "Sinner's Swing" slams out of the gate with a sinuous, snake dance rhythm provided by Chuck Tipton, a huge sing-along chorus and a fiery solo from Jeff Young. "City of Trash" carries on in the same fist pumping, almost punk infused vein with Chris Clark's snarling pre-chorus of "don't wanna die in the city, no more murder on the Eatside". The sultry and brilliantly moody "Hollywood & Vine", written by Stephen Blasko, begins with atmospheric tremolo guitar reminiscent of a Tarantino soundtrack and quickly picks up steam in the hard rocking chorus of "i see you walkin, every inch of you divine / i pull up next to you on Hollywood and Vine. The EP finishes with the epic and anthemic "Last Call Messiah"- a full assault of harmony guitar leads, break neck stops and riffs carved out of thick, mountainous Marshall tones.

No doubt the band will draw comparisons to the likes of Guns N Roses, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, and contemporaries like Hardcore Superstar and Charm City Devils. On record and live, Last Call Messiahs are a hungry, talented, energetic force of nature ready to deliver real rock upon an unsuspecting world.




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  • Cool band... They played my "M-Pre Party" show last year...

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