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Doogie White


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Ive been a Deep Purple fan since I started listening to Rock N Roll (and Im Old) LOL :lol: Then came Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Whitesnake all kind of in the same sounding family. To me this is a real classic rock sound. Dont get me wrong I love Zeppelin, Kiss, Aerosmith, the Nuge and all the rest too.


I think this is what Demons Eye reminds me of. Since they are (were) a Purple tribute band its understandable. I have their first CD and really like it and I will probably get this one too, eventually. A lot of people dont like cover or tribute bands/music. I always have. For me Ive always felt its done out of respect for the music and musicians. I have a lot of cover/tribute music.


And when you can get someone who also loves and respects it all the same way when performing it, it makes it even all the more better. Doogie White is one of those guys. And I love his music. So Demons Eye is a no brainer for me. Listen to the music watch the whole video if your a Classic Rock fan and you get to hear a lot of what is on the new CD. :headbanger:


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