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95Hyde (ex-Jessica Prouty Band)

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95Hyde releases new single to be featured in extreme sports star, Travis Pastrana’s upcoming film, “Action Figures”
The Boston band releases the single, Guts and Glory, on all major platforms.
Movie to be officially released on October 20, 2015
Boston, MA, September 29, 2015 – 95Hyde band members Jessica Prouty, Cameron Pelkey, Jon Suh, and Jansen Manning are excited to announce the release of their debut single entitled, “Guts and Glory” on October 20th, 2015. Pre-orders available October 7th. The single has been composed for extreme motorsports legend, Travis Pastrana’s upcoming film, "Action Figures," which holds its private premiere on October 7, 2015 in Annapolis. The official movie release date is October 20th.
It is not everyday a rock band and an extreme sports star team up to create a hard rock song. Pastrana is the cousin of 95Hyde’s lead singer and bassist, Jessica Prouty. In late 2014, Pastrana contacted Prouty because he was looking for new music for his upcoming film. The band traveled to Pastrana’s house to begin their collaboration by performing a selection of songs for Pastrana and other members of Nitro Circus.
“Out of all the songs we played Travis, we ended up choosing ‘Guts and Glory,’ remarks Prouty. “We rewrote the lyrics with him to better fit the movie. The song itself is about coming together as a team and having the courage to follow your dreams.”
95Hyde’s single is certainly energetic and powerful. “Guts and Glory” grabs the listener with catchy lyrics, throttling guitar chords and hard hitting drums. Brian Maes, who has worked with Peter Wolf, Brad Delp, and Barry Goudreau, recorded and produced 95Hyde’s single. Song engineer and Grammy winning record producer, Bob St. John, mixed and mastered it.
“Music is such an important part to this film, and I’ve been looking for an opening song for months without any luck…working with 95Hyde was such a relief for me,” said Pastrana. “They were able to build a song exactly how I needed it in no time at all. The band is amazingly talented and without a doubt they are going to go far with their music.”
“Action Figures” will be released on October 20, 2015 and it will be available to view on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.
About 95Hyde
Founded in 2014, 95Hyde is a female fronted, hell-raising, foot-stomping, rock and roll band from Boston, MA. 95Hyde incorporates each member to artistically express their individual styles to their unique sound. Their live performance speaks for itself; whether it is small clubs or large stages, they put on a powerful show. With their song, “Guts and Glory”, placed in Travis Pastrana's upcoming Nitro Circus film "Action Figures," they are poised to reach a world-wide audience. Members hail from Boston, Indiana, and Ohio.
For more information on 95Hyde please visit http://www.95hyde.com/. 95Hyde is on Facebook and is also on Twitter @95HydeOfficial
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