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Number Nine?


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I ordered a cd and just got it today, I have never heard them or heard of them, but just finished spinning it, and im pretty blown away, I checked on HH, not even a mention of them anywhere on the main sight, im really kind of dumbfounded, they are nothing original, but they are extremely good at melodic hard rock, then I start sniffing around, and found a disc they had put out in 1990 called Everybodys Crazy, so I downloaded that just now, and now I am ultra dumbfounded, these guys were doing this shit in it's hayday, does anybody here no anything about them??? the disc I ordered was called Colours, i cant find Everybodys Crazy for sale in cd format anywhere, you all should check them out, and let me know how it isnt even listed on the main sight? if nobody can find a few songs by them on the internet, I will make an upload a few, how did this go unnoticed?

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Yeah I didnt even know if it was available on CD, then I just saw one on some Japanese website, doesnt look like it's going to be easy to get, I want it bad though, hopefully I 'll free up some cash in the next 3 weeks, and be able to locate a copy, it sounds way fucking killer though.

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