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Richie Kotzen: Unreleased Tracks, Demos and B-sides CD?

Guest theczar

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Guest theczar

So, I'm a huge Kotzen fan (ever since hearing Fooled Again on a Classic Rock magazine CD in 2007), and have seen him live seven times solo and twice with the Winery Dogs.


I wrote a buyers guide on him (10 albums) in the last issue of Classic Rock Presents AOR magazine, but there is one release of his that I have never heard - it's either called Unreleased Tracks, Demos and B-sides or Get Up (B-Sides) (not to be confused with the album Get Up) depending on where you look - I think it is from 2004 and was sold exclusively on his Japanese tour.


Has anyone heard this/owns it?





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Is this it?


Ritchie Kotzen - Get Up (B-Sides)


Track List:


01 - Feel Good

02 - Another Second Chance

03 - Tree

04 - Flashback

05 - All I can

06 - Blame On Me

07 - Come Down

08 - Wake Up

09 - Shine

10 - Shape Of Things

11 - Solicialite 2004 Version

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Guest theczar

Great! - Confession, I'm a complete novice at downloading from these sites; could someone please say PM about how to do it? (BTW I have a Windows laptop, not a Mac so worry about viruses).

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Guest theczar

Thanks for sourcing it Alpha - btw Back For The Attack is the greatest of the great in my book: just picked up Rock Candy's reissue that (rightly) has the title track included.

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