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I have added songs from several 2015 releases to the Heavy Harmonies radio station. The playlist now runs a bit over 16.5 hours.




2015 albums represented:


Black Star Riders - Killer Instinct (2015)

China Sky - China Sky II (2015)

Eclipse - Armageddonize (2015)

Eden's Curse - Live With The Curse (2015)

Falling In Reverse - Just Like You (2015)

FM - Heroes and Villains (2015)

Impellitteri - Venom (2015)

Issa - Crossfire (2015)

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter present DRACULA - Swing of Death (2015)

Kiske-Somerville - City of Heroes (2015)

Leah - Kings & Queens (2015)

Level 10 - Chapter 1 (2015)

Mark Slaughter - Reflections In A Rearview Mirror (2015)

Papa Roach - F.E.A.R. (2015)

Peterik / Scherer - Risk Everything (2015)

Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints (2015)

Rob Moratti - Tribute To Journey (2015)

Rock 'n' Roll Rebels & the Sunset Strip - Discs One & Two (2015)

Sweet & Lynch - Only to Rise (2015)

Talon - Fouplay (2015)

The Dreaming - Rise Again (2015)



2014 albums represented:


21 Octayne - Into The Open (2014)

A Sound Of Thunder - The Lesser Key Of Solomon (2014)

Adrenaline Rush - Adrenaline Rush (2014)

Allen/Lande - The Great Divide (2014)

Amaranthe - Massive Addictive (2014)

Arion - Last of Us (2014)

Azoria - Seasons Change (2014)

Bailey - Long Way Down (2014)

Berggren Kerslake Band - The Sun Has Gone Hazy (2014)

Brainstorm - Firesoul (2014)

Brother Firetribe - Diamond In The Firepit (2014)

California Breed - California Breed (2014)

Captain Black Beard - Before Plastic (2014)

Cold Shot - Cold Shot (2014)

Crazy Lixx - Crazy Lixx (2014)

Crystal Viper - Possession (2014)

Cullooden - Silent Scream (2014)

Dalton - Pit Stop (2014)

Delain - The Human Contradiction (2014)

Devil's Heaven - Heaven On Earth (2014)

Diesel - Into The Fire (2014)

Elvenking - The Pagan Manifesto (2014)

Empire 21 - Empire 21 (2014)

EZ Livin' - Firestorm (2014)

Free Spirit - All the Shades Of Darkened Light (2014)

Gaeleri - Gates of Rome (2014)

Gemini Syndrome - Lux (2014)

Gotthard - Bang! (2014)

Gun Barrel - Damage Dancer (2014)

H.E.A.T - Tearing Down the Walls (2014)

Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014)

Harmony - Theatre Of Redemption (2014)

Helix - Bastard Of The Blues (2014)

House of Lords - Precious Metal (2014)

House of X - Redemption (2014)

In Faith - There's A Storm Coming (2014)

Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero (2014)

Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast - Kick Down the Barricades (2014)

Kissin' Dynamite - Magalomania (2014)

Kix - Rock Your Face Off (2014)

L.R.S. - Down to the Core (2014)

Laney's Legion - Laney's Legion (2014)

Lawless - Rise (2014)

Linda & the Punch - Obsession (2014)

Lordi - Scare Force One (2014)

Lover Under Cover - Into the Night (2014)

Lyriel - Skin And Bones (2014)

Mind Maze - Back from the Edge (2014)

Moonland - Moonland (2014)

Moonshine - Moonshine (2014)

Mother Road - Drive (2014)

Neonfly - Strangers in Paradise (2014)

Night By Night - NxN (2014)

Outloud - Let's Get Serious (2014)

Overland - Epic (2014)

Pavic - Is War The Answer? (2014)

Pretty Maids - Louder Than Ever (2014)

Pretty Wild - Pretty Wild (2014)

Primal Fear - Delivering the Black (2014)

Project Arcadia - A Time of Changes (2014)

REO Speedwagon - Live at Moondance Jam (2014)

Seven - Seven (2014)

Silent Force - Rising From The Ashes (2014)

Skintrade - Refueled (2014)

Slears - Far Away From Getting Somewhere (2014)

State of Salazar - All the Way (2014)

Steel Panther - All You Can Eat (2014)

Ten - Albion (2014)

Theory Of A Deadman - Savages (2014)

Thomsen - Unbroken (2014)

Three Lions - Three Lions (2014)

Vanden Plas - Chronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld (2014)

Vanishing Point - Distant is The Sun (2014)

Vega - Stereo Messiah (2014)

Voyager - V (2014)

W.E.T. - One Live - In Stockholm (2014)

Within Temptation - Hydra (2014)

Work of Art - Framework (2014)

X-Drive Get Your Rock On (2014)

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    • 100% spot on. There is no heaven and hell, and nobody comes back to haunt you. That's plain rubbish. And why December 25th? The supposed deity was born in spring?
    • God they must be desperate. Notice they didn't say write a new song, prob cos all their latest songs have been rubbish. I'd be interested to hear one though to see if they can still write something mildly amusing 🤔  
    • Hold on soldier, I'm hoping that wasn't aimed at me. I don't think I was putting anyone down, and as far as I know, I'm not an atheist either. I don't actually know. I can't stand all this label rubbish and don't have a label for my thoughts on this stuff. Yes, I believe you are born, you live and you die and that's the end of it. But they're just my thoughts.  Anyway, why are we talking about Christmas now anyway? Still almost 30 days to go... 
    • Agree, love that Irish girl type look. Tans are overrated!
    • Only humans were created in the image of God, and most consider that to mean possession of an eternal soul. However, the animals were put on the earth for humans to have dominion and use plus care for them. As for Heaven, we can't know what it will be like, but in my mind it would not be heaven if there were not dogs for me to hang out with, so I expect that yes there will be animals, otherwise how is it heaven for an animal lover? This view of heaven being in the clouds, wearing robes and playing harps is mostly an atheist's invention to mock what they can't comprehend. To try and explain heaven to an atheist is like trying to describe the sky to someone who has had their face buried in mud their entire lives. It's a rather fruitless and usually thankless task. I know atheists have their pile of dirt and nothingness to look forward to (lol). Yes, I am aware that atheists have invented this concept of "ascention" through genetic evolution or artificial immortality as a replacement of heaven in your religion, but I'm not sure how atheists rationalise an incorporeal existence in their concept of pointless nothingness. It doesn't bother me either what you atheists believe, I just wish you weren't so arrogant about your nihilistic mindset and cease with the put downs of those who don't share your belief set. And merry Christmas my pagan friends! I genuinely mean that.
    • Haha. Been decades since I had any discussions like this on the forum and I definitely do not want to revisit, but as my mind is always ticking over I was actually thinking about stuff the other day. So if we (humans) get a fancy afterlife kickin' it with Jesus and God n' stuff, do animals? When an ant dies, does the ant experience Heaven? Does a dog, or a cat? An elephant? Do all beings experience Heaven (or hell too, I guess, if they didn't follow the gospel?). Or do only humans experience Heaven, and if so, why do animals have a pointless existence but there simply must be something more to a human's life other than being born, living and dying?  Genuinely curious, compadre. I used to have many discussions with Mark (metalmaniac777) back in the day and we're still best buds and we even made love a few times. I'm sure he doesn't mind me disclosing that. So seriously not having a dig, but I live to learn. 
    • lol. Really interested to know if they get any takers. Solid wad of cash, $7500. Mildly interesting they still use a photo of the band with Lexxi in it, assuming they haven't replaced him yet? 
    • Yeah, I got a bit of a Degreed vibe from it too. Quality stuff. 
    • My wife had the news on this afternoon and I saw this mind numbing horseshit panic-splashed across the headlines. I thought wow, this sounds alarming. But I heard B.1.1.530 is going to hit even harder. To be honest, though, they called it something else on Aussie news, though - Cock Makers variant, or something like that. I seriously can't remember, but they actually had a name for it rather than this morse code version of it.  Anyway, 95% vaccinated in NSW and we still have to walk around like moron beatshit brains with our face masks on - mandatory - in all indoor settings. Mask rules weren't even this harsh for the majority of the pre-vaccine pandemic. Fuck me I love this cuntry. 
    • Yes, very nice, but unfortunately a distinct lack of "Titties" on show! FFS! This isn't the "Do you want to Bang your Librarian?" thread!
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