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Universe - Mission Rock


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From http://BANNED WEBSITE.blogspot.com/2015/03/UNIVERSE-Mission-Rock-2015-Bonfire-Mad-Max-Casanova-Gotthard-Pretty-Maids.html


Melodic Hard Rock fans of all time are well aware of UNIVERSE, the Germanband that released two stupendous albums for the genre during the '90s. Universe continued as unit with some line-up changes and a new disc in 2004, and now are back with their 4th studio recording properly entitled "Mission Rock" with a street date March 20th, via Avenue of Allies label.

I'd said properly entitled because "Mission Rock" does what promises; delivers pure classy Melodic Hard Rock with all the ingredients that made this genre so great. Universe's mission is to rescue the true sound of the late '80s and early '90s, and I'm talking about the 'European / German' MHR sound.
Akin prime Bonfire and Mad Max, Skagarak or the more rocking side of Casanova, all the songs in "Mission Rock" have that unmistakable Germanic melodic riffs & hooks, melodic choruses and an overall polished production.

You can hear the years of experience from these musicians, guys who know their craft and deliver the goods.
There is no-frills, catchy melodic hard rock tunes with great melodies and anthemic vocal lines, which settle immediately in the ear canals.
Crunchy rockers like the opener "Gravy Train", the mega-catchy "Up To The Sky", the title track provided with a great sing-along chorus, the crisp "Lies" or the groovy "Brain Collector" are truly enjoyable and foot-tapping numbers.

The arena-ready "Welcome The Night" is strongly reminiscent of Universe's debut, while "Criminal" is one of the harder cuts bringing to mind the first Skid Row. We have a beautiful acoustic ballad in "Broken Wings", before closing with the epic seven-minute midtempo "Tomorrow", very early '90 European sounding.

If true classy sounding Euro Melodic Hard Rock is your thing, Universe's "Mission Rock" is a mandatory purchase.
This album feels like recorded in 1991 yet the band has added some more contemporary elements in the vein, to name one, Gotthard. It sounds feel-good all the time, with a bright, melodious, polished production.
Traditional Melodic Hard Rock is alive in Europe, and "Mission Rock" is a clear proof of it.

A. H. Son - vocals
George Dalino - lead guitar
Stanley Sparrow - guitar, vocals
Holger George - bass, vocals
H.H. - drums





  • Gravy Train
  • Up To The Sky
  • Mission Rock
  • Innocence
  • Now Or Never
  • Lies
  • Brain Collector
  • Welcome The Night
  • Criminal
  • Shame
  • Broken Wings
  • Tomorrow


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What a joke. The original bass player is the only guy left in the band from 'Bad Child.' How the hell can a bass player alone carry on an entire band's name?


Granted, the original vocalist has tragically passed so there's nothing you can do about that, but there's still 3 other guys that aren't here too. I think 'Is there something' was actually a pretty decent album, but it's been a long time since I pulled it out (and 16 years since it was recorded, and 11 years since it was released!!!).


So yeah, I'll give this a chance and hope for a good release (samples sound average at best), but it's a stretch to still be using the Universe name for this project.


For the record, 'Bad Child' is a classic hard rock album, imo. A long time sentimental fave of mine.

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