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Not necessarily a bad trader/seller, but certainly not a respected or honorable one either. A while back I purchased a number of items off TPRS from gemm.com. After being assured that the cds were in stock, and having them charge my credit card through gemm and kept the money for over a month, they cancelled my order and said the cds werent in stock. A few days later the same cds appeared on gemm.com again by this seller, but this time with a triple and quadruple jump in price. I assume they knew I had found some cds that were selling real well on ebay and they reneged on our deal, but only after I filed my complaint with gemm.com. Just figured id share it since they're posting now about bad traders.

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I will answer this one myself. We have 3 employees, sell on 6 sites (besides our own and GEMM), run another business and have a fulltime job on top of that. There is no way any large volume seller can keep up with catalogs changing daily on Alibris, GEMM, Musicstack, Netsounds, etc. so things will go in and out of stock quite quickly.


Yes, once we sell something for a lower price and find out it is worth more than what we sold it for when we receive another copy we will double to quintuple the price. We got hammered in the past few months on Triple X, Saxon, D'Molls and various other discs that went through the roof in price suddenly.


The people I mentioned are folks who point blank steal money and product from people. We ALWAYS refund someone's money, replaced defective or broken items, and resolved any problem online. We our 99.9% (1 negative from Australia) on eBay, and have a high marks on the other sites for customer service.




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Well, Greg, you have your facts all wrong. You see, I gave you my hard earned cash via a credit card. You kept it for over a month. You did not send me the Cds I purchased during that period of time. You refunded (or Gemm made you refund) my money only when *I* complained that the CDs were not sent. Then, you listed the very same CDs again on Gemm, but raised your prices 3 and 4 times respectively... that is simply bad business. I wonder if I didnt say anything to gemm whether you would have ripped me off too. And your reputation on gemm is nothing to be proud of (2 stars out of 5).


I hardly believe you've gotten "hammered" on selling underpriced cds. You are, bar none, the most outrageously expensive pseudo-dealer on the net, and it appears that when one can find a reasonable deal with you, you won't honor it.

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Well, your facts are incorrect. We never received a complaint from GEMM and we issued a refund. Our 2 stars out of 5 has nothing to do with quality of our service, it has to do with catalog in stock (which is still 80%), at least get your facts straight.


Our customer service rating is stellar and I would put it up along side /against, Metal Mayhem, Kiss My Disc, LadyMetal, Dave's Metal, VegasMetal or any other hard rock / metal dealer on the Internet all of whom I have purchased items from regardless of the fact that they are direct competitors.


Our prices are based on supply and demand. We do not spend weekends driving around the Northeast, Midwest and South looking for discs and records to sell for less than cost to us. Our attitude has always been and always will be if you don't like our prices, shop somewhere else. At least we are up front about it, always have been and always will be. We're in this business to pay mortgages and feed our families. The whole attitude comes off as cavalier, but every business has the same attitude, but most won't come right out and say it.


The problem we and other dealers have is with people like Manny Comres who virtually singlehandly ruined trading with other people a few years back. Dealing with people trying to switch discs, putting through false chargebacks on PayPal and using stolen credit cards are the biggest problems all dealers face. We choose to carry on regardless as this is the case in any goods related business.



The Pure Rock Shop

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    • You're probably right it's a bad comparison but I guess I just think of the Defiants as more of a project than a band for whatever reason.  I suppose it's because they rarely play live although I know they have played a few times.  
    • Brothers In Arms-Dire Straits
    • That April Rain song sounds pretty good to me !
    • That Sammy is a top 5 release of 2022 for me. The Disturbed is also good. My daughter is getting Taylor Swift for Xmas
    • comparing this to Defiants is ridiculous- Defiants is just D2 under a different name  And it will probably be best album of 2023 
    • beautiful, all in their prime 
    • Pretty over this stupid and weak supergroup crap from Frontiers now. Feeling cynical that they are just trying to squeeze every last $ from the fanbase. Fan abuse.
    • The fundamental difference is that the mainstream media is now portraying the Chinese COVID protestors as glorious freedom fighters standing up for their inalienable human rights, where protesters in the U.S. and Canada were portrayed as terrorists, insurrectionists, and right-wing nazis by the very same mainstream media. Fuckers. I guess the current administration(s) have exhausted the money pit being diverted to Ukraine with respect to public approval, so now time to ratchet up somewhere else to send gobs of taxpayer money so that billions can be funneled back to the DNC via crypto...
    • Agree! There was a time back 5 or 6 years ago when I'd get into these project type things....Defiants, Nordic Union, etc.  And I'm sure I'll still enjoy new Defiants music when it drops. But I'm definitely saturated on these things and I'm basically to the point where I'm paying very little attention to them.  I'd rather invest my time into "real" bands that I might actually get the chance to see live someday. Like you say, I'll still sometimes check out these things and maybe I toss a song into my playlist here or there.  But odds I actually purchase an album from one of these new projects is very low.  
    • This seems like something that would be massively exciting maybe five or six years ago but now, not so much. I'm just so bored with the Frontiers factory churning out studio project after studio project with the same songwriters, the same production, and random hodgepodges of vocalists...year after year after year. I'm just not interested in this stuff anymore, I'll listen but the odds that I'll come back to it (let alone buy the album) are low. Those songs are mediocre. They're not ADV's worst but they are not his best either. IMO Robbie steals the show in both of them. Why is ADV still doing backing vocals for a project created specifically for THREE vocalists?  P.S. that band name SUCKS lol
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